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Former CHS student goes onto Bravo

CHS Alum Sam Egber picked up everything and moved with his family to Los Angeles, CA in the middle of his freshman year to pursue acting. Sunday Oct. 6 was the premier of his family’s new show “The People’s Couch.” The Observer decided to check in to see how everything has been going since he left CHS to pursue his dream.


O: What was it like to move from Potomac to LA?

S: Going from Potomac to LA actually felt really natural to me. It didn’t feel like the stereotypical transition from “small town to big city.” I always knew I would eventually be moving out here, so I was always mentally prepared to do it. It wasn’t really too much of a culture shock for me. Of course, Los Angeles is very different from Potomac, but it was very easy for me to adapt.

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O: Do your parents support your pursuit of acting?

S: Yes! My parents are extremely supportive of my pursuit of acting. They have always supported my three brothers and I in every single thing we do. They have given me everything I need to be successful and more. Now it’s up to me to take what they’ve given me and do everything I can to be successful. We are living a very unusual lifestyle, but we have all never been happier with our lives.

O: How did you like being on the Youtube show “Teens React”?

S: Being on Teens React is a lot of fun. I’ve learned a lot about YouTube from being on the show and I’ve watched some really interesting videos. It’s also been really great for me because I’ve started getting a little fan base from it. When I filmed the first few episodes, I honestly had no idea that millions of people would be watching them.

O: You’ve built quite a fan base while you’ve been out there. What is the greatest/coolest/weirdest thing a fan has done for you?

S: Being on a show that is based on commenting on videos, a lot of people will obviously not agree with everything I have to say. There is one video in particular in which I got a lot of hate for my comments towards a famous Youtuber. Because of my comments, a fan of the Youtuber tweeted to me and said “Make sure you lock your door tonight, Sam” and there was a picture of her with a bloody axe. It was pretty scary, but it’s also really funny. People get really shocked and offended even by the [plainest] comments someone makes on the show, but most of the time when I meet a fan in person, they ask for a picture and smile.

O: How has the move affected your schooling/education?

S: In order to have a flexible schedule for me to fit in auditions during the day, I started to take my high school courses online. It allowed for me to have enough time to do my school work while still balancing my acting career. I was also able to move ahead in my work and I was able to finish my high school courses early—when I was 16. Once I finished high school, I started taking college courses online, too. Nowadays, there is no excuse for an actor to not be able to continue their education since it can be done online!

O: What’s the most exciting experience you’ve had in LA yet?

S: The most exciting experience I’ve had in LA has been working on some really cool commercial, TV and film sets and watching the magic of movie making. It’s incredible to work alongside some of the most successful and talented people in Hollywood, and to see how it all works.

O: Do you miss your life back in Potomac?

S: When I first moved to LA, I actually really missed waking up early and getting on the school bus and hearing the bell ring But I’ve really been enjoying my life out here and I love the spontaneity of everyday. Some days are much more challenging than others, but I honestly couldn’t be happier here. All of my dreams are slowly coming true and I’m happy to be doing what I’ve always wanted to do from such a young age. I’m getting a really good head start in the business. I do miss my friends and my family, but [everyone has] been overwhelmingly supportive of me so I feel very lucky.


Tune in on Sunday nights at 11:30 p.m. on Bravo to watch Sam and his family on “The People’s Couch.” Sam can also been seen on “Teens React” on YouTube.

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Former CHS student goes onto Bravo