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‘Observer’ guide for how to be Employee of the Month

When CHS students come to school, many expect to have to juggle homework, classwork, tests and quizzes. However, some students have to handle something else along with their schoolwork: a job.  Jobs come with not only a ton of work, but they can also come with bosses to impress.

Having and keeping a job is a very important skill that all people need to know for life, and impressing your boss is crucial.  While many bosses praise their workers and treat them with respect, some bosses are more difficult to work for.  In fact, some working CHS students have admitted that they have had a challenging boss.

According to freshman Jimmy Stempien, who worked at a summer camp, he did not like his boss because of the way he was treated.

“He would always pick on me and always blame an issue on me, whether or not it was me,” Stempien said.

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According to an Observer poll of 31 students who are working or have worked, 45 percent of workers claimed to have liked their bosses while 55 percent of them claim that they do not like their bosses.  Whether the bosses in charge of CHS students are nice or mean, the Observer sat down with bosses and students to learn the do’s and don’t’s of working to transform CHS students from slackers to employees of the month.

DO: Show enthusiasm on the job.

One of the things most managers look for in potential employees is their enthusiasm.  Many workplaces, such as restaurants and clothing stores, want students who can have a smile on their face and be nice to the customers.

According to Attman’s Deli manager Slor Brito, Attman’s looks to hire workers with an optimistic and genuine attitude, who are also  willing to take on the work load.

“We look for people with high energy, who are good with customers, outgoing, friendly, mature, and willing to learn,” Brito said.

DO: Be organized while maintaining your positive attitude.

Another way to impress the boss is to stay organized while maintaining your positivity.  It is important to always tell the boss in advance if you need to take off some work time.

California Tortilla President Bob Phillips looks to hire high school students who are “spunky,” while he also believes that the most coordinated and punctual workers are the best.

“The more organized the workers are with their time helps us,” Phillips said.  “They could stay organized and tell us when they are going to be out of work.”

DON’T: Use your cell phones while you’re working.

An issue that usually comes up while workers are on the job is when the students working are on their cell phones.  Texting Mike back about the picture of the cat he just sent is not as important as your job.  This will make you look immature, while it will also make it seem like your personal life is more important than work.

According to Brito, personal lives are not to be discussed with customers, and cell phones are prohibited.

DON’T: Say anything disrespectful or negative.

If you dislike your boss, the most important thing to remember is to keep your thoughts to yourself.  If you say something out of line, it will make you look like a negative person with a  bad attitude, which will definitely not impress the boss.

According to junior Rachel Narrow, even though her boss was “obnoxious,” she avoided saying anything that she may have regretted later.

“I brushed it off,” Narrow said.  “I knew he was the boss, and I followed his instructions.  I bit my tongue and said nothing out of place.”

Bosses also see negative behavior as a minus and will not hire anybody who cannot maintain a positive attitude.

Work is important.  It is a skill that all people should know for later on in life.  So be sure to stay positive, focus on the job and avoid talking on the phone or talking back to the boss.  Good luck at work, Bulldogs!

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‘Observer’ guide for how to be Employee of the Month