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April Fools! CHS students get creative with pranks.

Montgomery Country Board of Education has recently announced that starting next school year, Mondays will be removed from the school week because students are too tired Monday mornings.

April Fools!

On April 1, adults and children all over the world play pranks and practical jokes on each other to celebrate April Fools’ Day. The history of this day is uncertain, but the most common theory, according to National Geographic, is that when France changed its calendar in the late 1500s, the New Year was moved from April 1 to Jan. 1. The people who still celebrated April 1 as the New Year were called fools and teased. The practical jokes played on the fools then developed into a tradition of prank-playing.

Whether on April Fools’ Day or throughout the year, CHS students and teachers love to pull a good prank. Here are some successful pranks pulled by the CHS community.
1. Cream Cheese Deodorant
Freshman Sara McAlister and her sister snuck into their parents’ bedroom in the middle of the night April Fools’ Day and stole their parents’ deodorants. They cut off the tops of the deodorants and replaced the deodorants with cream cheese.

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“My sister and I have always been very into April Fools,” McAlister said. “We like jokes and wanted to get my parents mad.”

McAlister formed the cream cheese to the shape of deodorant and put the deodorants back in her parents’ room. Her father didn’t realize until she asked him about it in the morning.

“My mom knew but didn’t tell my dad,” McAlister said. “We were laughing really hard.”

2. Bucket of Ice Water
At camp, senior Josh Miller repeatedly put buckets of ice water on top of slightly open doors. When people walked through the door, the buckets of water fell on them.

“They’re usually pretty angry, but some find it funny,” Miller said.

3. Plastic Wrapped Door
On April Fools’ Day, freshman Hunter Beans woke up at 3 a.m. when his family was asleep and plastic wrapped the entire entrance to his younger sister’s bedroom. When his sister woke up, she walked into the door and fell backwards.

“She started yelling at me and got my mom,” Beans said. “I was grounded.”

4. Teachers Break Computer Mice
One year on April Fools’ Day, math teacher Alvin Figer removed the rolling balls from the bottom of the mice in the math department computers so the mice would not work.

“They were annoyed at first, and then they said, ‘Oh, it’s just Alvin,’” Figer said.

According to Figer, he usually does not pull pranks on April Fools’ Day, but he may have falsely announced to the class that they were having a pop quiz.

5. Stink Bomb in the Classroom
After senior Roman Entwistle and his family visited Cancun over spring break, he brought home a small stink bomb. He put the stink bomb under his teacher’s chair and when she sat down, the bomb exploded. Students in the classroom started gagging because of the terrible smell.

“[The teacher] was really nice about it,” Entwistle said. “She said that it was a good prank but she wished I hadn’t done it to her.”

As April Fools’ Day approaches, students are preparing how they will fool their family and friends this year.

“I haven’t thought of anything yet, but my sister and I probably will think of something soon,” McAlister said.

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April Fools! CHS students get creative with pranks.