Don’t get tripped up by new shoelace trends

By By Lori Koenick Staff Writer

Shoelaces have a simple concept, but some students now believe that these strings can do much more than simply keep one’s shoes on.
Some students associate shoelaces with projecting a certain look to society and determining the way one feels about him or herself. Also, some students have recently begun to purposely leave their shoes untied because they find it more functional.
“Not tying my shoes makes it easier to get them on and off,” junior Hayden Saunders said. “When I go home, I can just kick off my shoes.”
While some students leave their laces untied to save time, others do so because they claim it looks better. Sometimes, a student’s choice of pants affects the lace style.
“If you’re wearing skinny jeans and the laces are clearly visible, you have to tuck the bow under the tongue or else it messes up the whole look,” sophomore Emily Pishgahzadeh said. “[The bow] just looks annoying hanging over the side.”
Although some students follow this fad, junior Matt Singer thinks that untied shoelaces are silly.
 “I tie my shoes because I’m a respectable person,” junior Matt Singer said. “It makes me feel like my shoes [can stay] on my feet.”
Shoe security seems to be a valid issue for some students. When students feel their shoes are secure on their feet, the student’s level of poise can increase.
“It makes me feel safer, having my shoes tied,” junior Timothy Faerber said. “Feeling safe [can] make you act more confident and acting more confident makes more people like you. So basically, tying [your] shoes [could] get [you] more friends.”      
Untied are can also be a potential hazard in the hallways and can be irritating to other students, as these students are vulnerable to stumbling over the dangling laces.
“Untied laces are annoying and people can trip over them in the hallway,” junior Julie Beynenson said.
According to Ian’s Shoelace Site, a site that lists different shoelace methods, there is actually a “science of shoelaces.” There are currently 33 methods for tying laces on the site. The styles vary from “criss cross lacing” to the less common “spider web lacing.” Both tie your shoes, but they each bring a different benefit to the table.
The site goes on to say criss cross lacing “is probably the most common method of lacing normal shoes and boots.” Its features include the fact that it is a “traditional look, simple to lace and comfortable [for your foot].” Additionally, spider web lacing is a “decorative look [and keeps your laces] tight.”
According to junior Mac Dunmire, the way one wears his or her shoelaces doesn’t matter as long as he or she wears them confidently.
“When you got a look, you got a look and then you got to go,” Dunmire said.