Hidden gem Crisp and Juicy offers ethnic delicacies

Crisp and Juicy is one of those undiscovered treasures that this writer  predicts will soon acquire the same fame as Five Guys. The Rockville Pike restaurant opened about 20 years ago and offers platters that centralize around Peruvian style chicken and side dishes.
The restaurant is located on a dreary looking mall strip, and once inside, the atmosphere is gloomy and beige. On either side, plasmas displaying a Latin news station and Peruvian pro soccer are a source of distraction from the colorless interior.
The restaurant offers delicious food, despite its façade. If you are eating with your whole family you may want to order the family platter which comes with a whole charbroiled chicken, large rice and beans, large fries and a house salad all for just $16.25.
If you are attending Crisp and Juicy on your own and maybe you are just not in the mood for chicken, their menu offers dishes such as the Paisano Platter that consists of sausage, rice & beans, yucca, and hot sauce for $7.29.
The restaurant also offers American dishes such as hamburgers, Caesar salad, and fries. The menu includes traditional Hispanic dishes such as fried yucca and plantain.
The restaurant has earned over four Zagat ratings and has over eight locations in Maryland and Virginia. 
The restaurant attracts a diverse ethnic crowd that comes together to enjoy its Latin-styled delicious, fall-of-the-bone food and experience a little bit of Peru’s culture.