Sporcle provides way to learn, procrastinate

Naming all 44 presidents in ten minutes without help from Google? Sound difficult? Don’t worry, there’s hope. CHS students are improving their random trivia knowledge on Sporcle.com.

In simple terms, Sporcle.com is a trivia quiz website. The site calls its quizzes “mentally stimulating diversions.” Students can make the hours they spend procrastinating seem like minutes testing themselves on anything from the Greek alphabet to Harry Potter to the capitals of Europe.

“[Sporcle.com] has definitely improved my education,” sophomore Maggie Pelta-Pauls said. “Now because of [Sporcle], I know all of the Disney villains.” 

Sporcle.com is a handy procrastion tool passed down through the siblings of CHS students. According to sophomore Rachel Scola, she got hooked on Sporcle when her brother showed it to her one day when she was bored.

“The challenge [of the quizzes] is what makes it fun,” Scola said. “I challenge myself to try and get [them] done.”   

Going on Sporcle.com can be the perfect thing for CHS students when they need to take a break from slaving over homework.

“I go on Sporcle when I don’t want to do my homework, have nothing to do or am bored,” sophomore Chris Wysocki said.

The knowledge one can get from Sporcle.com may seem worthless in a conventional sense; however, some CHS students are planning to use the facts they learn for bigger things.
“I have useless knowledge now after going on [Sporcle],” junior Jon Feldman said. “Maybe the stuff I learn will help me if I go on Jeopardy.”

Sporcle.com makes learning fun. The quizzes are all timed, so they keep a student’s mind stimulated.

“The quizzes are challenging and fun at the same time,” junior Mariah Healy said.
A person could choose to attempt over 4,000 quizzes, but beware: students have been known to lose track of time while playing on the site. Despite this, some people claim that the sweet feeling of victory makes the loss of time worthwhile.

“My friend sent me the link to Sporcle.com and I spent three hours on it with my brother’s friend when I was supposed to be studying for my U.S. History exam,” Pelta-Pauls said. “The lack of studying time was definitely worth it.”