Breakdancing club shows off its moves

Doing head spins, windmills, riding the beat and moving their bodies in ways unimaginable to the average person, are the traits of the break dancing culture practiced by the CHS Some Other Style Club.

Every Thursday at 2:30 p.m. The Some Other Style Club meets outside of the main gym. First they stretch and listen to music with hard beats and strong basses, and then they start their break dance routine.

“Other students should join the CHS Some Other Style Club because it is fun and a great way to stay strong and keep up your stamina,” senior Hau Hau Lin said.

Lin builds his strength by practicing wushu martial arts, a Chinese self-defense tactic that incorporates many twists and flips, twice a week.

“I learned my flips from wushu, and the rest of my moves from YouTube and friends,” Lin said.

Freshman Kevin Shin first saw break dancers in first grade and has had an interest in the culture ever since.

“I saw a family friend break dance and I thought it was very cool,” Shin said.

Shin learned a few moves from his older brother who has perfected another style of dance called popping.

“I practice one to two times a week in my basement,” Shin said. “The majority of the time I work on my style.”

Elbert Pu, senior co-president of the Some Other Style Club has been a member of the group since it was created in Fall 2008.

“We performed at Churchill’s Got Talent and had a blast,” Pu said. “We plan on entering contests in the future against other schools too.”

Pu, Shin, Lin and Jason Li, senior co-president of the Some Other Style Club, performed a nearly four minute long choreographed break dance routine during Churchill’s Got Talent.

“We hope more people join the Some Other Style Club so we will have more people to perform with,” Pu said.