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Alex Delacroix: Ballerina

Ballet takes discipline, commitment, time and most importantly, talent. Of course, an uncountable number of young girls dream of being adept dancers, possessing the rare grace and beauty that this form of dance is known for, but as they get older, it is clear that very few people have the skill and determination to make it as a ballerina. Junior Alex Delacroix is a rare case.

As a child, Delacroix started taking dance classes, and now ballet has become one of her favorite hobbies.

“I started doing ballet when I was around 5 years old and I have been dancing ever since,” Delacroix said.

Delacroix attends the Olney Ballet Theatre almost every day, practicing ballet through the Berrand Dance Center. While ballet is her main focus when it comes to dancing, she also does modern jazz and hip-hop.

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“I dance five days a week for about three to four hours everyday,” Delacroix said. “But I often have rehearsals on the weekends that can range from two to six hours.”

While ballet can be very time consuming and a lot of hard work, it does not come without reward. For Delacroix dance has proven to have many benefits, which is why she allows it to be such a big part of her life.

“I have just always loved ballet so much,” Delacroix said. “It helps me relax, but at the same time it helps me really focus. It is very individual and it’s all about being the best you can be.”

Since ballet is such a major part of Delacroix’s life, it often cuts into her academics. In fact, she leaves school after sixth period everyday so she can get a start on her daily practice. She often does not get home until as 10 p.m., and she has to hurry and do her homework late at night so she is prepared for school the next day.

However, the structured nature of ballet has helped her when it comes to managing all of her work.

“[Ballet] is very strict and it has certainly helped keep [me] focused and given me discipline in all aspects of my life,” Delacroix said. “It has taught me how to balance my life between friends, going out, school work and of course, ballet.”

Delacroix’s dedication to ballet has helped her earn spots in various prestigious ballet performances.

“One of the most [exciting] things I got to participate in was [a performance] at the Kennedy Center with the famous Joffery Ballet Company in their Nutcracker,” Delacroix said. “It was quite the experience.”

Delacroix has not yet +decided how big of a role ballet will have in her future. She is still deciding if she will continue to dance seriously in college and if it will become her major or possibly her minor.

“No matter what I choose to do with my life I want to always remain dancing,” Delacroix said.

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Alex Delacroix: Ballerina