Lunch spots-awkward encounters?

By Paige Gross

The bell rings after fourth period and two students run down the stairs to the parking lot and head to Fallsgrove Village Center for lunch. Upon arrival they notice that they are receiving strange looks from everyone there, and that’s when they realize they are surrounded by Wootton students.

A school lunch territory is a central spot that students normally go to eat lunch during the school week. The popular spots for the students in our community are Montgomery Mall, Cabin John and Fallsgrove. When being out for lunch, an overwhelming presence of students from a specific school will always exist.

“Churchill’s ‘spot’ is Cabin John, Wootton’s is Fallsgrove and WJ’s is the mall,” senior Ryan Quinn said.

Some students will approach a group of students that they are friends with from another school if they happen to see them at a typical lunch spot, but others choose to remain distant.

“If I knew people from another school and I saw them out to lunch one day, I would go say hi,” Whitman senior Leah Harburg said. “On the other hand, if I saw a group of students from our rival school, B-CC, my friends and I may be more reluctant to meet up with them.”

Normally, Cabin John shopping center is the locale of choice among CHS students because it is easy an easy trip to make.

“Cabin John is the closest option for lunch, and has a lot of options that fit into a high schooler’s budget,” Ardila said. “This also allows you to see other people from school.”