Yoga gives teachers relaxing way to end the school day

Believe it or not, teachers have lives outside of school. They do not live in their classrooms or in a cave writing lesson plans; they actually do things in their spare time and after school like everyone else. Recently, a group of teachers have spent their time participating in a yoga class.

NSL teacher Matthew Schilling believes that yoga is a different kind of workout that puts the mind in a different place. Twenty-five teachers seem to like the idea because all of them have signed up for the yoga class, which takes place in the dance studio.

Counselor Margaret Fahey rounded up teachers to join the class by posting an announcement via email.

“I was looking for an activity that staff would enjoy after school,” Fahey said. “I talked to Principal Benz and the athletic director to get a place to [have the class], and my sister knew a teacher who was willing to teach on site.”

According to Fahey, the teachers began with breathing exercises to calm everyone and then proceeded to exercises that “increase their flexibility and overall health.”

According to Fahey, the CHS staff members completed their first eight-week class and started their five week class on May 13. Classes take place on Wednesday afternoons from 3 to 4 pm in the dance studio.

However, according to Schilling, the class may not resume next year because the current yoga teacher is pregnant.

Fahey, who was surprised by the positive response from teachers this year, asked the yoga teacher, to find a substitute while she is on maternity leave. According to Fahey, the teacher has a friend who is a certified yoga teacher and may be willing to take her place next year.

Seeing teachers like Schilling do yoga has become routine for Fahey. Although there are few males in the class, Fahey hopes that next year’s class will be more diverse.

“I’ve recently [received] lots of requests for joining the class,” Fahey said. “Hopefully next year there will be more men in the class.”