SnoCream offers competition to local ice-cream stores


Courtesy of Ally Salzberg

One of the items on the SnoCream menu is Cookies and Cream. SnoCream is located in Pike and Rose.

By Ally Salzberg, Assistant Online Editor

As the warmer months approach, new frozen desserts are popping up everywhere you look. Before we get to the peak of the hot seasons, it is important to find the ice cream place that best suits you

In Pike & Rose, everyone already knows about Baked Bear Ice Cream. The storefront opened last year in Maryland and it was all the rage. This year, a new ice cream shop has opened just down the street, SnoCream Company.

When you walk into the building where SnoCream Company resides, it seems very young and hip with all of the lights and music. There are a bunch of neon lights flashing, cool music, and many food shops surrounding. It is inside this building where a bunch of other Asian food stands are, allowing you to try many different types of Asian cuisine.

There are many different things that you can order here. However, their most popular item is their SnoCream.

SnoCream is essentially a very fluffy ice cream that is put through a machine that pumps air into it as well as folds it out into an almost ribbon-like texture. You are able to add 2 free toppings as well as 1 free drizzle with your payment of $6.50. You can go the traditional route and get cookies and cream or strawberry ice cream, or you could really tap into the Asian culture and try flavors like black sesame, taro, honeydew, green tea, etc. 

I ordered cookies and cream SnoCream with Oreos and chocolate chips as my toppings, because if it comes free then why not? My order came out pretty quickly, and I got a very good size for the amount that I was paying. 

It didn’t exactly taste like normal ice cream, kind of like a watered-down version at first. It was so light and fluffy that it confused me. It was definitely a different and fun experience.