The Observer’s Fab February Albums/EPs

By Sarah O'Brien, Arts Editor

Every week, a large selection of albums and singles are released. It can become overwhelming to figure out what’s worth listening to and what’s not. The Observer made a list of some noteworthy albums that have already been released in February.


Process by Sampha

After his collaborations with Drake, FKA Twigs, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Solange, Sampha makes his debut with this electronic album, Process. The soul-electronic fuse is raw and emotional with the combination of his stellar lyrics, especially because it was written after the death of his mother. It’s simple, yet far from being plain.



Terrible Human Beings by The Orwells

The Chicago band released their third full length album, but what’s different about this release is that the members are all finally in their 20’s. This album is a step towards maturity, with less content about beer, girls, and being confused teenagers than their previous albums, yet they still have fun. Terrible Human Beings is the epitome of Rock n’ Roll, with its energetic and bouncy atmosphere. The young garage rockers focused on their album influences, even explicitly alluding to the ‘90s bad the Pixies on their third single Black Francis.



I Decided by Big Sean

In an attempt to distance himself from his aggressive past singles like IDFWU, I Decided focuses on Big Sean’s maturity and acceptance of defeat in life. The popular single Bounce Back–a song about picking yourself up once you have made a mistake or failed–has already gone gold. The rest of the album is all wise words from his perspective, an interesting change from his previous work.




Prisoner by Ryan Adams

After his 2014 Taylor Swift cover album 1984, Adams emerges back onto the music scene with his signature nostalgic feel. Created during his divorce with former wife Mandy Moore, Prisoner essentially sounds like an angsty 80’s album all about love and its faults. The 42-year-old broken-hearted musician brings the retro and the country-rock feel into February with this emotional album.  

Drunk by Thundercat

The third full length album from Grammy winner Thundercat, released on Feb. 24, is a playful and interesting 23 song, 51 minute album full of soul, jazzy, funk, and electronic influences. With some serious tones, the album does go for a comedic effect on a few songs, one being A Fan’s Mail (Tron Song Suite II), where Thundercat meows, hisses, and discusses cats in the most elegant way possible. The late-night vibes produced by Thundercat feature Flying Lotus, Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell Williams and Kendrick Lamar, so it earns a spot on the “must hear” list.



All Your Fault: Pt. 1 by Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha made her mark on pop culture with her singles with G-Eazy, Martin Garrix and David Guetta, but her second EP All your Fault: Pt.1 continues her streak of pop tunes. The single I Got You has already reached the 43rd spot on Billboard’s Top 100 list. Her success points to the fact that she will be featured on top 40 radio stations for weeks to come, so get used to her music.


The Chief by Jidenna

After his popular Classic Man, Jidenna attempts to avoid being a one-hit-wonder with album The Chief. The almost dizzying versatility of the album provides a little of everything for everyone, touching on several topics from serious ones like police brutality and racial inequalities to more lighthearted ideas like parties. It’s adventurous, interesting and, for some reason, chock full of animal metaphors.