Student Art Spotlight: Drumline


Photo courtesy of Lily Kriendler

Once a week, the drumline gets together to practice for their performances at pep rallies and football games.

By Melissa Redlich, Features Editor

Keeping the tight rhythm of a musical melody while walking is hard enough. Now add in a 25 pound drum and carrier. This is what the students on drumline experience each time they perform. 

Every week, the drumline gathers together for two hour practices after school. Besides once-a-week practices, they bring the spirit to WCHS, playing at freshman orientation, pep rallies, football games and even Potomac Day. 

“The Potomac Day Parade was a highlight for me this year, because it was so fun to perform outside of school and get support from our community during our performance,” WCHS Senior Elyse Pender said. 

Pender has been playing the snare drum since 5th grade, and while this is her first year on drumline, she loves how collaborative and exciting it is.

“I like being able to perform with my friends and perform different music than we do in band class,” Pender said. “I also like how the drumline is not only limited to percussionists so there are people from different musical backgrounds.”

The drumline is all about high energy. Therefore, bringing the spirit and the excitement to pep rallies and football games is right up their alley. 

“I enjoy playing at the football games because we can play more fun songs that people tend to know,” Pender said. “Another highlight would be developing as a musician while being helped and supported by those around you.”

One of the best aspects of drumline is that it brings musicians together that have all different backgrounds. For the last six years, WCHS Junior, Jonah Krantz has played percussion. However, while some may say that percussion is an isolating hobby, Krantz loves the ‘team’ aspect of drumline. 

“I had heard about drumline freshman year, and when school went back in person the next year, I decided to join,” Krantz said. “Marching while playing is definitely a challenge, but everyone eventually learns, and playing at football games makes it all worth it!”

However, while it may sound like it, the drumline is not just made up of percussion instruments. Senior Grace Jennings has played the cymbals for the past two years on drumline. 

“I decided to join the drumline because I had friends who had done it in the past. Plus, I always thought it was cool,” Jennings said. “I also thought it would be fun to be able to play an instrument other than the flute.” 

It is bittersweet as the drumline finishes out the season, with their last performance at the band winter concert on December 20th. Students can come to watch them play live, or catch them at the next home football game. 

“Everyone on the line really wants to be there and work together to sound as good as we can,” Jennings said. “I just love being a part of the drumline, especially because I love how we are a team.”