“Give you the World” Tour: Steve Lacy comes to Baltimore


Photo by Kendyl Groisser

Steve Lacy went on his Give you the World tour at the Baltimore Soundstage on October 13, 2022 for his newest album Gemini Rights.

By Kendyl Groisser, Assitant Online Editor

Steve Lacy has come to town! From having only a few popular songs to selling out multiple tour locations, Steve Lacy has become one of the most popular up and coming music artists. His fans have been awaiting his “Give you the World” tour since he released his newest album, “Gemini Rights,” in July.

Steve Lacy first gained recognition during his time in the band “The Internet” in 2015, but he soon turned to be a solo artist and created his own albums. His first ever album as a solo artist was,“Steve Lacy’s Demo” which immediately was very popular. He was able to use this popularity to create even bigger and better albums that are adored by his fans. 

First impressions of the concert were poor when the fans started piling in. The venue of Lacy’s Baltimore, MD concert was much smaller than one would expect, however the proximity between the stage and the fans made it an intimate experience. By having such a tight space with his fans, Lacy was able to talk to them and hear them from his stage. 

The night started off with Lacy’s opener and close friend Fousheé who is well-known for being featured on Lacy’s song “Sunshine”. She has also come out with popular songs on her own including the song “Deep End” which she sang for one of her last songs as an opener. Once she finished, there was a long wait between her and Lacy’s performance. 

Eventually, the time came for Lacy to start off his setlist. He entered the stage with the song “Buttons” playing which immediately got his fans excited. The song began with an opening music interlude that got the fans warmed up for when he started to sing. Once the lyrics started, fans joined in to sing with Lacy and danced to his voice. 

Between every couple songs, Lacy would stop the music and talk to his fans. He was able to strike conversations with them throughout the entire venue because of the tight space. He would make jokes, talk about his experiences on tour, and even just about his personal life. It made the concert even more special since not everyone gets the opportunity to have a conversation with a famous music artist. 

He sang songs from his new album throughout the entire night, but he also brought back some old songs that have been released for a long time. Songs from his albums “Apollo XXI,” “The Lo-Fis” and the first ever album he made, “Steve Lacy’s Demo,” made an appearance and got fans even more hyped up. He played his most popular songs from them such as “Only If,, “N Side,” “Playground” and “Infrunami”. 

Steve Lacy knew how to keep his fans engaged and having fun by not only singing to them, but giving the fans a chance to sing with him. He even stopped from singing his own songs himself, and pointed the microphone towards the crowd of fans screaming his songs to him. 

For one of his last songs, he brought Fousheé back on stage to sing their song “Sunshine” for the crowd. The fans screamed her name when she came back onto the stage singing with an even greater energy than they had when she was opening the show. By the end of their performance together, Lacy bowed down to Fousheé as a friendly joke between the two which his fans thought was an adorable gesture. 

When he finished his official setlist with his most recently popular song “Bad Habit”, he said thank you to his fans and ran off the stage. However, his fans knew that he wasn’t finished for the night; they started to chant “Encore” so that their beloved music artist would come back out. Soon enough, his fans got their wish and he came out to perform two more of his fan favorite songs, “C U Girl” and “Dark Red”. P

The close proximity of the location, while not being ideal for his fans or Lacy himself, was able to be used to everyone’s full advantage and might’ve made the concert even more memorable. All around, Steve Lacy was able to give his fans an experience that they would never forget.