Grab a slice from “Pizza Roma”


Photo by Amir-Abbas Yazdi.

Pizza Roma is a long established, Italian styled-restaurant that serves fast and good service out of College Park, Md. Customers have been going for years on end because of the same friendly owners and consistently delicious food.

By Amir-Abbas Yazdi, Assistant Online Editor

Those looking for an underrated restaurant in the DMV area to get tasty Italian food for a good price should check out Pizza Roma. Located within the Hollywood Shopping Center in College Park, MD, it is a small, family-owned restaurant, serving hot food, seven days a week. 

Pizza Roma is a small-scale chain of restaurants in the DMV that consist of halal, Italian cuisine. The menu includes pizza, calzones, pasta and more. Pizza Roma is a unique gem bringing in customers from various backgrounds given it is Muslim-owned and the entire menu is halal. 

Pizza Roma offers delivery, takeout, and indoor eating for its customers. It is a great restaurant for groups and families because of the array of seating, TVs, private parking and moderate noise level. Additionally, if restaurant-goers are looking for vegetarian food, Pizza Roma has a large variety of compatible menu options.

Those heading over should be prepared to pay with cash or credit cards because they do not take Apple or Android Pay. For those trying to work on the go, WiFi is not installed inside the restaurant. But, if customers are undeterred by these small drawbacks, Pizza Roma is a great choice.

Pizza Roma’s wide menu includes 15 different combinations of pizza size and number of toppings. It starts at a reasonable $8.49 with the medium, 12” cheese pizza, and goes all the way up to $17.42, for the 16” XLG Pizza with four toppings of the customer’s choice. This user-friendly system allows customers to customize their own pizzas and create something personal.

Pizza Roma also offers pre-created specials. There are 7 styles from ‘Hawaiian Pizza,’ to ‘Veggie Delight,’ to ‘Deluxe Pizza.’ Although these pizzas are slightly more expensive, instead of only four toppings, they can have nearly 10 different toppings.

Although pizza is in the name, Pizza Roma is locally known for its cold-cut sandwiches and hot subs. 

All sandwiches come in two sizes, half-size (8”) and whole size (12”), each size offering different sandwich types. For half-size sandwiches, the variety includes Philly cheesesteaks, Italian hot cuts, Italian cold cuts, and Italian cheesesteaks. Whole size options include roast beef sandwiches, chicken steak sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, and even cheeseburgers.

Along with all these sandwiches, there is a huge variety of side orders such as french fries, mozzarella sticks, garlic bread, and buffalo wings – beverages include soft drinks and juices. They offer deals such as the “Combo Special” which includes any 8” sub, french fries and a can of soda for $7.95. 

Pizza Roma has a vast menu to please any customer whose taste buds are sure to light up after just one visit