Netflix’s “Marry Me” repeats an overused trope with no new additions


Photo Courtesy of IMDB movies

Marry Me, the new film with Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson is now in theaters and available to stream on Peacock. However, is it worth it?

By Melissa Redlich, Features Editor

One hour and 52 minutes. That’s how much of their life viewers will flush down the drain by watching the new Netflix chick-flick “Marry Me”. 

The movie begins with superstar Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) about to marry rapper Bastian (Maluma) before thousands of their fans at a once-in-a-lifetime concert. As Kat makes her way onto the stage something goes horribly wrong — videos go public of Bastian hooking up with Kat’s assistant. Divorced math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), his friend Parker Debbs (Sarah Silverman) and his daughter Lou (Chloe Coleman) are attending the concert when the bomb drops, despite the fact that Charlie does not particularly like Kat’s music. 

The rest of the movie is a blur. Kat is embarrassed in front of thousands of people, so she decides to save face by marrying a random person in the crowd. Smart, right? This person happens to be Charlie, who just on a whim says yes. 

All of this happens in the first 30 minutes (and is shown in the YouTube trailer). The rest of the movie is filled with misunderstandings: Bastain trying to get back with Kat, and Kat and Charlie falling madly in love despite Charlie not wanting to be a public figure.

While half of the movie takes place on the stage with superstar Kat singing her hit songs, the other half is spent with Charlie’s mathlete group, which is his pride and joy. 

Kat becomes a strong mother figure in Lou’s life and helps her get over her stage fright by teaching her to focus on something else while doing math problems. What is this ‘something else’? Dancing! Way too many dance scenes fill the movie with Kat teaching Lou and the other mathletes her moves. 

Avid rom-com movie watchers love a cheesy film, but “Marry Me” takes it to a different level. Not only is the movie cheesy, it has an unbelievable plot that is too predictable for the viewers. Truly nothing comes as a shock. It’s like watching a movie that the viewers wrote. 

In addition, the whole movie feels like it is just a mash up of older and better movies. “Notting Hill” is also about a normal person marrying a superstar, and is a beloved rom-com. “Marry Me” takes overused tropes and does not execute it as well. 

Besides the numerous bad things about this film, one thing will give the audience a nice laugh. While Jennifer Lopez was surely expensive to cast in this role, with a net worth of 400 million dollars, it was truly unnecessary to make the whole film an ad? In every movie there are product placements, but the amount in this film is innumerable. From Kat doing an actual ad for the super-blender VitaMix, to Kat doing interviews with Jimmy Fallon and advertising for NBC, why not just make an advertisement and put that on television?

Although this movie failed to hold the attention of viewers, there are two things that stood out and made it at least watchable.

Caroline Duncan, the “Marry Me” costume designer, did an incredible job on every single outfit worn by Kat Valdez. Variety magazine exclaims that “Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Marry Me’ wedding dress weighed 95 pounds— and required five people to get her zipped in.” Plucked from Zuhair Murad’s bridal collection, this strapless Cinderella glitter, rose-gold dress is a show-stopper. 

Not only is the wedding dress exquisite, but truly all of Kat Valdez’s clothes are incredibly high fashion and fit her character perfectly. 

The music is also great. Real life pop singer Jennifer Lopez released new music through the movie, including songs “Marry Me,” “After Love,” “Love of My Life,” and “On My Way.” Jennifer Lopez’s songs with Spanish pop star Maluma attracted a wider audience, leading to more downloads. Most of these songs already have a million listens on Spotify despite the movie only being released on Feb. 11. The songs are extremely catchy and sure to stick in viewers’ heads for days. Many of the titles will surely be added to people’s playlists. 

Instead of enduring the whole movie, simply watch the trailer and then listen to the playlist. That is pretty much the whole movie. The trailer tells all, even giving away the last scene, which enables the audience to know the whole story without having to sit through two hours of pain.