Enjoy Valentine’s Day with the Observer staff’s favorite love songs


Graphic by Trevor Gardemal

Celebrate the season of love with the Observer’s own Spotify playlist. With songs selected by each staff member, this is the perfect for any member of the WCHS community to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

By Trevor Gardemal, Social Media Manager

Valentine’s Day is the time of love. Whether you’re in love, practice self-love, or just love candy this time of year is surrounded by it. And what better way to experience and express love than through music? The Observer Staff has selected their favorite love songs to listen to on this Valentine’s Day. Check out why we chose them below and listen on our official Spotify playlist!

“La Vie En Rose” by Edith Piaf (1947)
“‘La Vie En Rose’ is simply a staple in warm glowing romantic music. Appearing in about every romance film ever, it’s classic for a reason. In simplicity and melody, yet stunning vocals, Edith impresses every time.” – Quinn Cook, News Editor

“You Send Me” by Sam Cooke (1957)

“This song by Sam Cooke is the perfect song to listen to on Valentine’s Day. It is an amazing throwback song that reminds you of your first love.” – Melissa Redlich, Sports Editor

“Stand By Me” by Ben E. King (1960)

“This catchy song is a favorite by many as King sings about how everything will be okay as long as he is standing next to his love. The slow but upbeat melody creates a great rhythm to sway back and forth to in the arms of your partner.” – Allison Jacobs, Editor-in-Chief

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley (1961)

“One of the most popular love songs of all time, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ is a sweet, slow song about the inability to resist falling in love. Presley’s soulful voice and beautiful lyrics tug at one’s heartstrings, capturing the impulsivity of young love in a timeless piece.” – Maya Bhattiprolu, Online Editor

“Strangers” by The Kinks (1970)

“Although this song was produced over 50 years ago, it is a timeless tune that can be enjoyed even in 2021. It tells the story of two people in love that are just floating through life, together as one. The soft and calming beat makes for a perfect romance song.” – Charley Hutton, Advertisements and Subscriptions Manager

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John (1994)

“The song is from ‘The Lion King’ and is a song about the cycle of love. Plus, it has a nice melody in the background.” – Jeremy Fredricks, Copy Editor

“Chasing Pavements” by Adele (2008)

“One of Adele’s older songs, ‘Chasing Pavements’ perfectly captures the feeling of trying to build up the courage to tell someone you like them. It is a great song to sing along to for hopeless romantics and anyone else who can appreciate Adele’s beautiful voice and storytelling.” – Olivia Yasharoff, Arts Editor

“Love Story” by Taylor Swift (2009)

“Swift’s lyrics along with the guitar and catchy verses serves as a lovely Valentine’s day song, the struggles of young love captured perfectly.” – Sylvia Thomson, Assistant Social Media Manager

“Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars (2010)

“This song is the perfect mix of upbeat pop with slow sweet parts as well. It is all about a man telling a woman that every part of who she is is beautiful. It instills female confidence which is really relevant right now.” – Rachel Mattison, Assistant Advertisements and Subscriptions Manager

“All of Me” by John Legend (2013)

“This song is very beautiful and romantic. John Legend sings about his love for his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and his emotion is heard in his incredible voice and lyrics.” – Ava Freeman, Online Editor-in-Chief

“Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran (2014)

“This 2014 song is one of Sheeran’s most famous and popular singles off of his album X, winning two Grammys for song of the year and best pop solo performance. It tells the story of two people having an everlasting love. With its sincere lyrics and guitar based music, it captures the perfect type of relationship many people desire.” – Jordan Pashkoff, Assistant Online Editor

“Say You Love Me” by Jessie Ware (2014)

“This song has a melody that is relaxing yet romantic. The lyrics speak volumes as Jessie Ware explains her love for her partner.” – Ella Kaminsky, Opinions Editor

“See You Again” by Tyler, the Creator feat. Kali Uchis (2017)

“This song is the perfect song. It uses a repetition of “2020 vision” to introduce perfectly crafted lines that evoke many feelings among the listeners.” – Jasper Bernstein, Observations Editor

“LOVE.” by Kendrick Lamar (2017)

“This song is slower than normal rap songs, but it’s got a really catchy melody and I really like the synths and the bass in the song. The whole feeling of the song is amazing and it’s very memorable.” – Elijah Savett, Sports Editor

“Lost in Japan” by Shawn Mendes (2018)

“‘Lost in Japan,’ released in 2018, is about traveling to fulfill a spur of the moment romance. This song is refreshingly upbeat with catchy lyrics and a cool piano intro.” – Emily Zhang, Features Editor

“Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies” by A$AP Ferg feat. Brent Faiyaz and Salaam Remi (2019)

“I like this song a lot because of the flow it has especially with Brent Faiyaz and his smooth voice. The song is about finding the perfect girl and what it’s like being around them.” – Justin Greenzaid, Assistant Sports Editor

“Sanctuary” by Joji (2019)

“‘Sanctuary’ from Nectar, released in 2020, Joji sings about the love confession that he can’t wait for. The soft balad and high pitched tune replicates the feeling of being blinded by romantic feelings that make you feel like you can fly.” – Nur Yavuz, Features Editor

“The Two of Us” by Omar Apollo (2020)

“Off his new debut album, Apolonio, ‘The Two of Us’ is a sweet and simple song about young love. Repetitive lyrics and smooth guitar riffs create a song that can be relatable to all and perfect for dancing or singing.” – Trevor Gardemal, Social Media Manager 

“Falling in Love” by Dennis Kruissen feat. Andrew Langston (2020)

“This song is certainly different from other love songs, but it has an interesting EDM style beat produced by Kruissen. The lyrics of “Falling in Love” speak of the moment someone realizes they’ve fallen for someone else and the sensational feeling that accompanies it.” – Ryan Weiner, Assistant News Editor

We made this list with love, and we hope you love it, too. With songs ranging from 1947 to 2020, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Check out our official playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1Ka1bQFKXHvrAYrprY4FlL