Teamania-c students found their new study spot


Photo Courtesy of Fatima Yazi

Teamania recently added a plethora of savory dishes to their menu, including soups, salads, pastas and sandwiches. Though they’re known for their classic baked goods and french delicacies, the new additions are perfect for a quick lunch or supper option.

By Fatima Yazdi, Editor-in-Chief

Rockville is known to have a plethora of eatery options—from Qdoba’s Mexican Eats to Sadaf’s Middle-Eastern staples, you can get a taste of just about any cuisine you’re craving. Since opening this past June, a new Asian-European inspired sit-down bakery and cafe has garnered lots of buzz and has since become a go-to for many: Teamania.

Sitting as a corner store on Rollins Avenue right across the Rockville Fire Station, Teamania is easy to spot and has accessible parking right behind the building. Reservations can not be made, however, one may choose to place an order to pick up ahead of time. 

As soon as you step in, you’re greeted with a warm aura and soft jazz or Korean music playing in the background. A variety of greens and flowers embellishing the room in addition to natural lighting bring the place to life. 

There are numerous types of seats to choose from, though tables in the main area are commonly used by students. The seating is comfortable and larger tables can accommodate up to four people. If you’re looking for a new study spot or somewhere to conduct a college interview, look no further. 

While standing in line to order, you’ll notice small stands featuring a list of types of items that are half-price throughout the week. Mondays include starter items, Tuesdays pastas, Wednesdays sandwiches, Thursdays salads and Fridays toasted Asian steam bun sandwiches. In addition, all breads and pastries are buy one get one free after 7:00 p.m. everyday.

The staff are welcoming and will give great recommendations for a first-timer. After all, with a variety of baked goods, french delicacies, savory dishes, teas and coffees, it can be difficult to decide. 

Once you’ve ordered, you can expect to be served in no less than 10 to 15 minutes, and drinks can be picked up from the counter or served to you at your table. 

Now let’s talk food. Like myself, you may be pleasantly surprised with the quality of savory dishes. Though they’ve recently been added to the menu, the pastas are nothing short of creamy, delicate and full of flavor. The smoked salmon with artichoke and spanish smoke cream paste in specific one of a kind. The smoky aroma can be noted as soon as the penne pasta arrives. The softly cut smoked salmon is a delicious touch to the creamy artichoke. The saltiness of the artichoke is cut right through with the cream paste. Though many aren’t fans of smoked items, this dish is certainly the way to convert. 

Teamania is most commonly loved for its teas—no surprise there, though the coffees can definitely compete. The iced coffee is rich though not too bitter, perfect for coffee drinkers who want to lean off the sugar or cream. If you’re looking for something more sweet, the fruity strawberry slush with milk cap is an upscale version of your iconic childhood strawberry milk, with cream on top. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the multitude of drink choices. 

Last but certainly not least, let’s address the patisserie window. From the shiny green apple mousse to the decadent black forest slice, one can easily be overwhelmed. A delightful classic is your trusty tiramisu. You’re first hit with its creaminess, though another bite in and you have a crunchy coffee layer covering your palette. 

If you’re looking to be more adventurous, the matcha mascarpone is something you may be surprised with. The often vegetal and bitter matcha flavor is replaced with a lingering sweetness. The smooth mascarpone in combination with the matcha present a not-too-sweet yet mouth-watering follow-up to your pasta. 

If you haven’t been, make sure to add Teamania to your bucket list of eateries to visit. From your daily choice of caffeine to a quick lunch stop, you can definitely expect to be impressed with your Teamania experience.