Sunday Morning Bakehouse opens up in Pike and Rose


Courtesy of Andrew Chan

A few of the tasty pastries that the Sunday Morning Bakehouse offers, such as the ham and swiss croissant and strawberry jelly brioche donut.

By Andrew Chan, Sports Editor

Aesthetically decorated with a simplistic style, the Sunday Morning Bakehouse has opened up in Pike and Rose. It has quickly become one of the more popular stops in the area, due to its delicious food and excellent service.

The interior of the bakehouse is well-decorated and creates a pleasant environment. It’s quaint like Founding Farmers, but brighter and more lively. It is the kind of place where you can grab an early morning coffee and enjoy some tasty treats with your friends for brunch. There are many couches and nice nooks where one could sit and relax. The interior is painted bright and lively and makes the bakehouse feel inviting.

The bakehouse is the brain-child of local baker Caroline Yi, who started selling her bakery delights at the Pike Central Farm Market. 

Interestingly enough, Yi has grown up around the WCHS area. A former Wootton High School and UMD graduate, Yi is quite the local. Because of her local background, the design of the bakehouse is very nice and family-styled. 

It is a homier option than a chain bakery like Corner Bakery or Dunkin Donuts because of its unique style. While these chain bakeries may have faster service and are closer to WCHS, the environment and pastries of Sunday Morning Bakehouse are too good to pass up. 

The menu is small but simple, and there are a few items that stand out. The first is the ham and cheese croissant. The portion is big, and definitely well worth the cost. The croissant itself is flaky and warm, and the ham and cheese add some extra flavor. If you’re looking for a quick breakfast to grab on the go, then this is the item for you. 

Another classic croissant, the chocolate croissant, is just as well made. The chocolate filling is the perfect complement for the flakey croissants. WCHS students would definitely enjoy Sunday Morning Bakehouse’s take on this breakfast classic.
An additional popular item is the cinnamon apple donut. The donut is carefully made and infused with a cinnamon apple jelly that is sweet yet savory. The combination of the jelly and the donut create a delicious treat anyone would enjoy. 

The bakery also offers more solid meals such as sandwiches. The breakfast sandwich goes well with a traditional croissant, and has a nice spicy tang. Each sandwich is made with natural ingredients like cage-free brown eggs. The bakery also offers a tuna sandwich and a smoked salmon sandwich. The pricing of these items is all fair and affordable as well. 

Finally, the most interesting item on the menu is the “Elvis Croissant”. The croissant is filled with a mixture of peanut filling, bacon and bananas. The croissant is essentially baked twice, and the peanut filling is roasted. Though it may sound strange, this quirky take on the King of Rock and Roll’s favorite meal is a must-try. 

In the realm of drinks, the coffee at the Sunday Morning Bakehouse is also expertly brewed. It is well-made and is the perfect wake-up call in the morning. The bakehouse offers a variety of styles of coffee, such as drip, cold brew, espresso, and cappuccino. Additionally, the bakehouse offers several different teas such as matcha, chai, and normal tea.

Overall, the Sunday Morning Bakehouse is a unique bakery that WCHS students would love. It is a lively bakery in the middle of the ever-growing Pike and Rose area, and has many tasty pastries that WCHS students can enjoy on a quiet Sunday Morning.