SAS: Brandon Bland


Courtesy of Brandon Bland

Senior Brandon Bland specializes in personal photography and strives to capture people’s emotions in his work. He draws inspiration from his own life, such as his encounters and relationships.

By Laura Sneller, Senior Writer

When watching the beautiful WCHS theater productions, the hard work that goes on behind the scenes and during rehearsal is easy to overlook. Senior and student producer Brandon Bland is an integral part of WCHS theater, but his interests extend beyond just high school shows.

Bland began his interest and passion for art a few years ago, and has since flourished in the creative sphere. His artistic ambition stemmed from meeting unique people and finding creative places around Potomac.
“I discovered artistic outlets in the area and started to learn more about the arts through meeting the creatives that populate them,” Bland said.

Despite his most notable talent being producing theatre, he also is interested in personal photography, dance, fashion and film. This wide variety of mediums allows him to not be confined to one creative sphere and gives him a more well-rounded experiences with art. He also takes out-of-school classes to further improve his art and widen his perspective.

“I am currently in a college level dance class and I’ve previously taken a film course,” Bland said.

Bland’s impressive portfolio of many different types of art gives him a deeper appreciation for all of his mediums. Photography gives him the opportunity to observe the beauty of nature and people. Fashion, on the other hand, lets him wear art and create a message or emotional response through clothes.

“In photography I love my ability to capture fantastic moments in time, especially through people,” Bland said. “I also love the power that fashion has to invoke various feelings in people.”

Bland finds his inspiration through his memories and experiences, as well as his daily life. He plans to continue his art and passion for creativity into college and beyond. His goal is to be able to work with other creative people and help them realize their dreams and creative a more artistically-inclusive culture.

“I plan to continue my work with creative entrepreneurs to actualize their innovative ventures and shift the paradigm towards divergent thought,” Bland said.