Student Arts Spotlight: Claire Yang


Courtesy of Claire Yang

Artist Claire Yang at work, painting on canvas for John’s Hopkins’s art competition.

By Laura Sneller, Arts Editor

After receiving an honorable mention in the Johns Hopkins Curiosity Art Competition and a silver medal from the Scholastic National Art Competition, junior Claire Yang is an artist with a promising future ahead of her. Her unique and thought-provoking art meshes personal experiences with relatable emotions.

Yang uses a variety of mediums for creating her art. She differentiates between pencils, ink and paint with her artwork, using both acrylic and watercolors as well as colored pencils, pens and more. She also wants to broaden her sphere of artistic materials by using technology.

“I am currently experimenting with digital painting,” Yang said.

Art has been a part of Yang for practically her whole life, starting when she was in elementary school. She became interested in art because of its opportunities as an outlet for her creativity and its ability to connect people.

“I am very reserved,” Yang said. “Art helps me to communicate and express myself towards others.”

Yang’s art is special in its authentic and direct portrayal of the human experience. Her pieces usually depict female subjects that express a wide range of emotions and atmospheres. She enjoys intertwining her own memories with general experiences, making her art relatable, but unique.

“I find inspiration for my art by thinking of issues that are important and controversial, and memories that are significant,” Yang said. “I also visit museums to discover other artists and techniques.”

Art has a major role in Yang’s school life, as well as her extracurriculars. Currently, Yang is taking AP Studio Art at WCHS as well as extra lessons outside of school. She plans to continue her artistic passion after graduation and throughout college.

“In the future, I would like to continue to draw and perhaps pursue a career in design,” Yang said.