Isn’t It Romantic inspires viewers


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Rebel Wilson is the main character in the new movie, “Isn’t It Romantic” which came out on February 13.

By Ela Jalil, Staff Writer

A stereotypical gay best friend, a clumsy but charming main character and a belief that all things will be solved by love all sound like parts of your classic romantic comedy. Nowadays, most people roll their eyes at these type of movies and the types of lessons they teach young girls and boys. Fortunately, “Isn’t It Romantic” provides a fresh view on rom-coms and teaches a compelling lesson on self-love.

Meet Natalie (Rebel Wilson), who is an architect who is overlooked by the people around her. Her apartment is a mess, her neighbors are rude and her role in designing a hotel involves designing the parking garage. Natalie was taught at a very young age that romantic comedies could never be about someone like her, and she’s been a cynic ever since.

On the way home from a disappointing day at work, Natalie befriends a man who then steals her purse and leads her on a chase that puts her in a coma. When she wakes up, she’s in a beautiful hospital room with a handsome doctor. People start to pay attention to her, and she starts to freak out. When she leaves the hospital she realizes that she is stuck in a romantic comedy and she has to get someone to fall in love with her to escape.

With an IMDB score of 6.3 out of 10, a viewer wouldn’t expect much from this movie. While the film isn’t Oscar-worthy, it is colored with humor throughout thanks to the comedic talent of Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine (who plays Natalie’s best friend Josh, who also becomes one of her love interests). Devine and Wilson’s chemistry is amazing on screen, which isn’t a shock considering they have been love interests in four other projects.

Liam Hemsworth, who plays a handsome billionaire and one of Natalie’s other love interests, is surprisingly funny as well. His thick Australian accent and his horrible dancing charm audiences, even though his character in the movie is not as nice as he first appears to be.

This movie’s soundtrack is full of love songs, and some were performed by Adam Devine and Rebel Wilson, a reminder of their time in “Pitch Perfect.” The movie ends with an intricate dance number that includes the whole cast.

Released Feb. 13, the movie is more of an ‘anti-rom-com,’ as it constantly mocks cliches often found in the genre. This movie is also one of the few mainstream romantic comedies to star a plus-sized woman.

The main character’s less than perfect life feels relatable to many people, and Rebel Wilson’s likable personality makes this movie watchable for all ages. The message of self-love can’t be ignored, and the confidence that Natalie gains throughout the movie inspires anyone who watches this movie.