I-Illustrate club allows students to express their creativity


Courtesy of Claire Yang

Artist Claire Yang at work, painting on canvas for John’s Hopkins’s art competition.

By Emily Zhang, Staff Writer

Interested in art, but do not know where to start? One of WCHS’ many clubs, i-Illustrate is the right place to express one’s creativity. Every Thursday during lunch in room 276, WCHS students can drop by to enjoy some relaxing art sessions.

Juniors Claire Yang and Kristin Zhu run the club as Co-Presidents. This year marks the fifth year i-Illustrate has been in service.  

Zhu is a self taught artist, and often enjoys to explore new mediums. Her personal favorites are sketch, watercolor and acrylic, since they usually do not require too many materials are are easy to self-teach. However, recently she has gotten more into digital art.

“As a result of being a self-taught artist, I don’t enter competitions, but I allow myself to explore every medium and if I enjoy it, I dive deeper into it,” Zhu said.

Yang enjoys painting and using acrylic, watercolor, pencil, color pencils, pens and much more. Currently she is also experimenting with digital painting. Other than taking art classes in school, she also takes art classes outside of school, and is an apprentice at the Kids Museum and a volunteer at Visarts. Yang has won many competitions such as the Scholastics Art Competition, and has also participated in the Johns Hopkins and Yellow Barn Art Competition. In the future, she is interested in pursuing a career in design.

“I enjoy making art because it allows for me to be able to express myself. As an introvert, I am easily able to communicate with others through the form of art. Also, it allows me to be free and be relaxed,” Yang said.

“The club was actually started by an amazing artist named Kevin Ho, who wanted Churchill to have a chill and relaxing club for anyone regardless of experience or artistic ability,” said Zhu.

The meetings consist of a weekly theme that doodlers can follow with jazz music in the background.

“I-Illustrate is a group that strives to spark an interest in drawing and allows those already interested in drawing to express themselves and expand their creativity,” Yang said.

Members typically doodle on regular sketch paper, but sometimes special mediums are brought for trial. Any style of art is accepted in this club, including fine art, anime or calligraphy. After meetings, some of the art is posted on their instagram page, @illustrateclub.

In addition to being relaxing, i-Illustrate was created so that students who do not take art classes at school have an opportunity to draw.  

“It allows them to explore and expand their art skills. Students are also able to relieve their stress through doodling,” Yang said.

As an added bonus the club plans to compete in group art competitions, such as United We Learn.  Also, members will be drawing comic books for the disabled and elderly and sending them to hospitals and community centers. In the spring the club will be holding a calligraphy masterclass so everyone can start learning the beautiful brush lettering.

“Art is a beautiful way to express yourself, or anything you want, on any medium you want. As a universal language, art is a great way to communicate and just spread beauty and joy,” Zhu said.