Netflix show hooks WCHS students with comedy


Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Netflix continues to come out with equally creative and addicting shows for users to watch. “Sex Education”, released Jan. 11, has already been renewed for a second season.

By Allison Jacobs, Assistant News Editor

Netflix released the show “Sex Education”, a quirky yet hilarious show that seems to be meant for teens, Jan. 11. In each of the eight episodes, a new sexual or teen issue presents itself between one or two characters in the show and the rest of the episode is left to the resolution of said issue, as well as other funny teen drama. The overall plot of the show, as well as how relatable it is to teens, is what brought in viewers and got the show renewed for another season in less than a month.

The show is about how two students, Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey), start a sex clinic at their school for all of their classmates who are going through awkward teen struggles. Whether a couple is going through relationship issues or a boy is dealing with heartbreak, Otis guides each person through their struggle.

However, Otis and Maeve deal with their own issues similar to many of the students they counsel, which allows the show to create the idea that Otis is extremely overqualified, yet underqualified at the same time. This aspect makes the viewer in awe of Otis’ brilliance in certain times but dumbfounded at his stupidity at other times.

The best aspect to the show is how relatable it is to teen issues. While many high school students may not be going through problems as extreme as the show has, the overall idea of the struggles are similar to what teens go through. For example, Otis is constantly dealing with the feeling that his mom will not let him grow up and be his own person. Many teens relate to the issue of not feeling like they have enough freedom from their parents and are constantly fighting with them because of it. The writers create humor through these issues and allows the viewer to find the funny parts in the awkward journey of being a teenager.

Another amazing part of the show is the acting, as all of the actors and actresses play their roles exactly as it needed to be portrayed. For example, Ncuti Gatwa, who plays Eric Effoing, a sassy teen boy who fights to not get beaten up by bullies, beautifully expresses the emotion that Eric is struggling to stay afloat yet portrays this image that he is a powerful, happy kid who can not be stopped.
The show earned a 91 percent from Rotten Tomatoes and a 8.5/10 on IMDb. The show felt as though it was designed to make watching it amazing. From the scenery, whether it was Otis’ house or the high school, to the writing and acting, each category was fantastic. The words were spoken in a way that teenagers actually speak, it did not feel forced at all. It also had a feeling of authenticity. It did not feel like an adult was trying to relate to kids but came up short, it felt like an regular interaction between students, parents or friends, alike. Overall, the show was executed perfectly and was really enjoyable to watch.
While the show greatly exceeded expectations, there were a few issues that affected the quality of the show. The main issue was the extent of the sexual problems that the characters were struggling with during each episode. Some of the problems were serious and similar to issues adult struggle with as they enter serious relationships, so it felt a little unnatural and forced to be an issue teenagers were struggling with.
Another problem is how Otis handles some of the issues and how he conducts “research.” While the way he handles the situations he is presented with seem naïve and innocent, if looked into a little deeper, it is perverted and creepy. As he helps people with their own sexual issues, he finds himself in uncomfortable situations, and he often makes the wrong choice for what he should ethically do.

“Sex Education” is definitely worth watching, and one can easily overlook the issues. The show has not even been out for a month yet and the second season has already been approved. The cast is doing interviews all over the internet, and they are gaining fame quickly. It is a fun show to watch and might even make some students feel a little less weird or alone about their own issues.