Netflix’s You reveals the dark side of human nature

Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg, Beck’s boyfriend and creepy stalker. He is often the star of many of the horrifying drama that takes place in You.

Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg, Beck’s boyfriend and creepy stalker. He is often the star of many of the horrifying drama that takes place in You.

By Allison Jacobs, Assistant News Editor

On Sept. 9, Netflix released the show You, an intense and steamy drama. The show takes place in New York City, and throughout the ten episodes, a sinister relationship forms between the two main characters, while we find out more about each of their scary pasts. The acting and shocking plot has brought in viewers and high ratings.

The show begins in Mooney’s, a bookstore and common setting for the show, as Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) meets Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and his creepy obsession with her starts. He stalks her and her social media for the rest of the first episode and the viewer witnesses Joe’s darker side. The rest of the season continues to dive into all of Joe’s issues and drama quickly unfolds between the entire cast.

One amazing aspect of the show is the baggage and background each character has. The writers revealed each characters issues and intentions as the show continues, ranging from Paco (Luca Padovan), Joe’s young neighbor to Peach Salinger (Shay Mitchell), Beck’s best friend. Everyone has some problem, no matter how innocent they seem, which adds to the drama and makes the story much more interesting.

The writers also did a fantastic job of having the viewer root for Beck and Joe’s relationship to succeed, while at the same time resenting it due to its creepy origin. The viewer is blushing when the couple has the cutest moments, but seconds after, the messed up aspects of the relationship sinks in and hits the viewer hard.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a 92 percent.  This was well-deserved, as the actors made their characters come alive, making the viewer hate, love, and feel for every emotion for each scene. The setting in New York perfectly fits the show and makes each scene more specific to what the actors are trying to express. The writing astutely provides you with just enough information that the viewer is left wanting to know what happens next. The camera work successfully captures all the emotions of each scene.

There are some flaws in the show, however. One crucial issue is how Joe stalks Beck. There are various scenes where Joe is just blantly standing outside of Beck’s window staring into her apartment and she somehow does not seem to notice. This triggered many viewers and Twitter created meme after meme in response.

Another problem that many were bothered by was the fact that Beck was incredibly careless and unaware. While some people do lack attention to detail, Beck could not notice a single thing, which was very frustrating to watch. Lastly, the middle episodes of the season lack entertainment. After finishing the season, the whole story could have been told by watching the first and last two episodes, which left the viewer wanting something else from the story.

You is definitely worth watching, and one can easily overlook the issues. The show reached up to 40 million views. The thrilling drama keeps the viewer hooked, and after much demand, season two is coming sometime this year.