Stage crew dedicates hard work to school productions


Courtesy of JP Bermudez

The CHS stage crew helped make Cinderella memorable.

By David Malament, Promotions Manager

School plays, they’re full of hard work, dedication, music and performances put on by students who have a passion for theatre. It requires countless hours of memorizing lines and practicing. But what do people say about the stage crew?

Stage crew has to stay after school really late, to the point where going home at 10:30 p.m. is considered early.

“It’s annoying having to stay so late, but that’s also what makes it more fun” master carpenter, JP Bermudez said. “But what are we supposed to do about it? Practice runs into the night and we have to wait until they are done to start setting up for the show.”

Being on stage crew can be very stressful with staying very late, leaving little time to do homework. This can cause an increase in stress that students already have from a rigorous workload.

“You  have to find time throughout the day.” Bermudez said. “Some teachers are understanding and give extensions, but others stick with their deadline.”

Being on stage crew may seem like a chore, but the members wouldn’t do it unless it was something they enjoyed Crew members may lose time with their friends at lunch, after school and on weekends, but the reward will be memories that last them a lifetime.

“To anyone else it might seem like it’s boring, but the whole time you get to work with your closest friends, and that makes it worth it.” Bermudez said.

The school only gets the privilege to put on a few musicals and performances throughout the year. The one constant in all of these shows is the stage crew.

“Cinderella and the other school productions are a time like no other.” Bermudez said. “It gives you something to look forward to every day after school. We get to spend time with our friends and do what we love everyday for weeks only a few times a year. So when the opportunity comes around to help out the show, it is an offer we can’t pass up on.”