Anchor yourself for a sweet treat at newly-opened bakery


Sweetly Anchored has recently opened in Cabin John Shopping Center and is the perfect place to stop in and enjoy all different kinds of baked goods.

By Cherri Tung, Photo Editor

Do you like cupcakes, brownies, or intricate birthday cakes? Then visit the new bakery in Cabin John Shopping Center, Sweetly Anchored. The store’s friendly atmosphere coupled with the irresistible scent of freshly baked cookies and a beautiful array of cupcakes and cakes is sure to draw you in and satisfy all your major sugar cravings.

Doors open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, excluding Mondays, with scones, croissants, muffins and quiche along with coffee and espresso drinks. The bakery uses quality ingredients such as Valrhona chocolate, real vanilla extract, vanilla bean and high-end European butter. Everything is made fresh in small batches onsite every day.

“It’s a very local based bakery, and they have a little window where you can see the owner decorate some really elaborate cakes,” junior Lavanya Yogesvaren said.

Every afternoon the cases will be filled with cupcakes, cookies, brownies and tarts for eat-in or takeout.

According to owner Lindsay Miniaci, who is known for her specialty cakes, she wants to have new baked goods added in the weeks to come.

As a child, Miniaci remembers her grandmother loved sweets and pastries and was always baking, leading her to want to be a pastry chef. Her grandmother taught her how to bake and encouraged her to go to culinary school. Her specialties, offered at the bakery, were angel food cake, molasses cookies and rhubarb pie.

“I love their lattes, brownies and quiche,” senior Naomi Theodros said. “I also like how quiet it is and the employees there are very nice.”

One of the brownies they have is Lindsay’s fudge brownies. The brownie is thick, rich, moist and full of fudge flavor, while the cookies are chewy, melt-in-your-mouth pieces of buttery goodness.

“Chocolate chip cookies are comforting and remind me of being home with my family,” Yogesvaren said. “They are warm and savory and are like nothing else. A good chocolate chip cookie can change my mood in a second, and when you take that first gooey bite you feel as if everything is perfect in the world.”

The name Sweetly Anchored was inspired by the anchor being a symbol of being grounded along with Miniaci’s love for water. Shei grew up near the Finger Lakes in NY and has always lived near water, so both Md. and the Chesapeake are reflected in the decor of the bakery.

So, if you are in Cabin John Mall row on over and drop your anchor.