Music you aren’t listening to: Brockhampton


Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons.

This month’s new musical artist hip-hop collective Brockhampton.

By Jackson Resnick, Social Media Editor

Tearing down all stereotypes in the music scene, Brockhampton (BH) is probably the most exciting act in music right now. The self-proclaimed “boyband” met online when frontman Kevin Abstract posted a message on Kanye West fan forum, KanyeToThe, asking if anyone wanted to form a band. This was the creation of Brockhampton: a roughly 14 member, biracial and bisexual hip-hop group.

Abstract, 21, spent his childhood and high school years in the suburbs of Houston, TX. After posting the message on KanyeToThe, he moved from Houston to Los Angeles with the people who responded to his message. Turning bedrooms into studios and sleeping on couches and floors, all 14 members of BH moved in together and live in a house in the middle of L.A. today.

In 2016, the group released their debut mixtape, “All American Trash,” which didn’t make much noise in the music industry. However, in May 2017, a brief string of singles put out by the group leading up to their second project started turning heads. Brockhampton’s fanbase began to grow in both size and dedication, and the group released their second project, “Saturation,” June 9, 2017.

Just like that, BH released one of the most exciting albums of the year out of seemingly nowhere. The album starts with the infectious and hard-hitting tracks “HEAT,” “GOLD” and “STAR” grabbing your attention right off the bat, with their catchy hooks and heavy bass lines, which set the tone of the project. The group concludes the project with “FACE”and pop guitar ballad “WASTE;” songs which are the polar opposite of the beginning.

Shortly after “Saturation” dropped, Brockhampton stunned fans by announcing the release of their next album, “Saturation II,” which would come out just two months later. “Saturation” was gaining recognition over Twitter and through music review Youtube channels. Brockhampton’s notoriety was growing and their fans went crazy. BH stunned everyone once more a week before the release of “Saturation II” by announcing yet another album, “Saturation III,” the finale of the “Saturation” trilogy.

Their goal was to put as much music out as they could before 2017 ended so they could “saturate” the industry. It was clear that they meant business. “Saturation II” dropped Aug. 25, 2017, with many of the same themes and styles from their previous project.

As summer 2017 came to a close,the BH fan base continued growing. The release of “Saturation III” Dec. 15, 2017 once again delivered the same energy and excitement that the last two Brockhampton albums brought to the table.

By the beginning of 2018, BH successfully released three incredible albums, completed their first major headlining tour across the U.S. and Canada. They had successfully made a name for themselves in the span of six month.

What makes BH so special and why readers should listen to their music comes down to three factors: versatility, production and the message.

BH combines multiple genres. They are able to kick off an album with an in-your-face rap banger while still finishing it with a guitar ballad, all while connecting with the audience over numerous topics of in their lyrics. Hundreds of thousands of young “generation Zs”are obsessed with BH, as their relatable and honest lyrics about growing up and teenage life resonate with them The group’s versatility has generated arguably one of the most hardcore/die-hard fan bases that seen since Beatlemania. By referring to themselves as a “boyband,” Brockhampton defies all the cheesy stereotypes placed around that title with their hip-hop sound and edgy persona. But to some of their most hardcore fans, BH does this title justice.

There are roughly 14 members of Brockhampton, a number rather high for a “boyband”, but only seven are vocalists. The rest of the group is made up of producers, managers and designers who work behind the scenes on all things Brockhampton related: merchandise, music videos, stage design, tour management, and web design. The majority of what makes BH’s sound so significant is down to the musical genius of Romil Hemnani, Jabari Manwa and Kiko Merley: the band’s producers. As some of the most talented musicians out there right now, they blend a mixture of genres into cohesive tracks that have some of the tightest production in the industry. The group’s talent shines through the most through the production and makes BH’s music so appealing.

With a variety of races and sexualities, everyone in BH represents something different. Frontman Kevin Abstract talks about his sexuality openly on social media and often in his lyrics, while other members talk about topics such as mental illness, gender roles and moving to America. Their music is very reflective of each member’s personality and story. They make it a point to put everything that BH stands for into their work. They are able to deliver a message that no matter who you are, you can accomplish anything through dedication and the power of the internet.

Brockhampton has everything a high school music listener could ask for. They deliver a unique, fun and exciting sound while relating to the many struggles of teen angst. They represent something that teens can use as inspiration to pursue their dreams and they make really good music. CHS students should 100 percent give Brockhampton a listen.