Student Art Spotlight: Teddi Yoo



Junior Teddi Yoo has been chosen to be a member of the National Association for Music Education. She has also been given a scholarship for her piano playing.

By Drew Ingall, Arts Editor

There are many talented artists and musicians at CHS. However, not many can say that they excel at not one, but two instruments.

Junior Teddi Yoo has been picked to be a member of the National Association for Music Education this year for her accomplishments in violin. She has also been granted a scholarship to the Chamber Music Society of Maryland program for her success in piano.

“I have won quite a number of competitions for both instruments since I started competitions at an early age,” Yoo said.

Yoo began taking lessons in violin and piano in the first grade, but did not start her serious career in music until the fourth grade, when she started lessons with her private instructors.

According to Yoo, it took her a little time to gain enough interest in both instruments to continue seriously with them.

It was evident to Yoo’s mother, Kisoon Yoo, that Teddi had a strong interest in music from a very young age. She truly recognized it when Teddi was awarded a lead role in a musical at her church when she was only in fourth grade.

“I realized that she memorized all her long audition parts in one day without any efforts,” Kisoon Yoo said. “That time, I thought that she had special talents for memorizing music quickly.”

Lya Stern and Bonnie Kellert, Yoo’s private instructors, both knew that she had a knack for playing instruments from the start.

According to Stern, Yoo’s violin teacher, Yoo is “deeply musical, superbly talented and bright,” and this leads to a lot more progress in learning new skills.

“Her curiosity about music, her beautiful tone colors and outstanding sight reading ability makes her stand out,” said Kellert, her piano teacher.

As Yoo’s passion for both piano and violin grew, so did the time she spent practicing. According to Yoo, she practices on both instruments everyday and most of her practices end up going for at least two hours. All her hard work seemed to pay off.

According to Yoo, she has had many accomplishments, including performing at Carnegie Hall, being a concertmistress to multiple orchestras and winning several competitions that led her to perform solo performances.

While she plays in many statewide and nationwide competitions and orchestras, Yoo also plays for CHS’ orchestra.

“Teddi is one of those very special people that every teacher wishes they could have as a student,” Band and Orchestra teacher Kristofer Sanz said. “She not only challenges us to grow as human beings but she also reminds us that there is definitely goodness in this world.”

She has been a source of inspiration for her peers as well. Yoo’s close friend and fellow performer Hannah Lee has been a longtime supporter of Yoo and her music.

“Teddy’s musical integrity and commitment she has for music has always inspired me,” Lee said. “Everything she plays is super accurate yet musical, which is a rare trait to not only find in talented high school musicians, but also professional musicians.”

Yoo and Lee are planning on collaborating in the near future.

According to Lee, they are working on an album together that will contain both piano and flute arrangements.

But just because Yoo mainly plays classical music doesn’t mean that it is the only music she enjoys. She is a big fan of the popular music that most high school students listen to as well.

According to Yoo, she likes to listen to “today’s pop music,” even though she mainly listens to classical music while preparing for competitions.

With all of Yoo’s success in both piano and violin, one would probably wonder what she plans on doing with music in the future. One thing’s for sure: music will be a constant in her life.

“I see myself doing something with music in the future,” Yoo said.