Netflix gradually increases monthly cost

By Kyle Emery, Staff Writer

With profits reaching 1.48 billion within the first quarter of this year, Netflix has clearly become the fastest and easiest way to watch an extensive variety of shows and movies. However, customers are going to have to adjust to some new changes. During the month of December, Netflix has announced an increase in their price per month, now reaching $13.99 for four screens.


Although the two dollar increase may not seem like a huge change, it certainly shows the company’s growth, being able to increase price, as well as the loyalty of their customers, many of whom will probably be willing to pay this new prices. Compared to other companies like Hulu and HBO, Netflix is at the top of its game, as these corporations have not had any recent changes/price increases.


A combination of up to 80 new TV shows as well as movies will be added to the video streaming service throughout the month of December. With a bunch of new additions, the company has decided to delete some of their Netflix originals that weren’t viewed quite as much as the others. This is something that Netflix periodically does as well with non-original shows and movies, as their contracts for the multi-media can only last so long.  


For a company that has little advertising and requires a small nominal fee from its customers, Netflix has really made a name for itself. Ranking among the top six most innovative companies from 2016, the company is continuing to see success, with unlimited possibilities awaiting in their next new announcement.


One of the best features of being subscribed to Netflix is the ability for more than 1 person to watch on one account at the same time. Other TV and movie services do not allow this capability, rather you have to choose to share your login information with someone else who wants to use it or pay for multiple accounts. Netflix not only lets you and another user  watch different shows, but enables users to create multiple accounts under the same subscription. This is a great service that has certainly been a plus for families with multiple children.


Other than Netflix’s streaming services, the company also offers Blu-Ray and DVD rentals as well, with an extra small monthly fee. Being that streaming Netflix is the easiest and most popular option, there are still three different plans for users to choose depending  on the number of users on one account to streaming and mail services.


For students, Netflix remains the ultimate video streaming company to have you hooked on the latest TV show or movie. With that being said, kick back and relax, you’ll be here for a while.