Kung Fu Tea pops into Montgomery Mall

By Brandon Li, Online News Editor

If you are among the millions and millions of bubble-tea fanatics, then you have to pop into the new Kung Fu Tea spot.

Okay, maybe not the millions part, but there is indeed a new bubble tea store in town. The well known chain business opened a new location in late Sept. Located in the Montgomery Mall food court, Kung Fu Tea adds variety to the numerous food choices already available.

“The concept is simple: we make bubble tea,” group leader Fanny Shen said. “Montgomery Mall has a great food court and we fit right in.”

Kung Fu Tea primarily serves different mixtures of tea and milk, like most bubble tea stores. Customers can order a specific type of tea to serve as the base and then adjust the sugar and ice levels. Additional flavors, including taro, honey or milk, can be chosen as well. If that’s not enough, toppings such as tapioca pearls and red beans can be added for an additional 50 cents.

“Bubble tea is different because it has a lot of different flavors and you can pick between bubbles and jelly,” junior Lorena Bravo said. “I love Kung Fu Tea because the drink that I get there is super sweet.”

A custom that dates back to the 1980’s, the drink was first popularized in Taiwan. The combination of milk with tea creates a creamy, yet satisfying consistency; it’s not too thick, nor too watery. Combined with the tapioca pearls, a chewy add-on that resembles gummies, the drink eventually made its way to the U.S. and is now becoming increasing popular, as represented by the advent of Kung Fu Tea and similar bubble tea-making companies.

“I like bubble tea because the topping brings something new to drinking tea beverages,” junior Justin Jin said.

One of the reasons why Kung Fu Tea decided to open a new store in Montgomery Mall is because of its location. Since the mall is right off of Interstate 270 at Exit 1, adults who work can easily stop by, pick up a drink and head on home.

Furthermore, the mall is also located between CHS and Walter Johnson HS, making it convenient for high school students and teachers to access as well.

Some may have a difficult time locating where exactly the store is since it is right next to the Garage A entrance where the crepe stand used to be until it left in early April. Although putting this “kiosk” underneath an escalator seems somewhat questionable, there may actually be a logical explanation behind this.

A typical customer would probably enter from the garage and walk right past the store to get to another restaurant. After ordering a meal, the customer will head back to their car. On the way to the garage, the customer might notice the store and wonder whether bubble tea would pair well with their meal, potentially leading them to put in an order for bubble tea as well.

With the addition of Kung Fu Tea, Montgomery Mall now has two bubble tea stores. Boba Station, located across from Macy’s on the first floor, has been serving bubble tea in the mall for years. Kung Fu Tea will certainly compete against Boba Station as customers will now have to decide which place to buy bubble tea from.

With only a few weeks passing since the opening, only time will tell what else this store has to offer.

“I’ve never been to the one in the mall before, but I’m excited to try [it],” sophomore Clement Lee said.