“Stranger Things” hasn’t ghosted us

By Joe Raab, Online Sports Editor

As Halloween season rolls around, many shows and movies come with it — including the highly anticipated season two of “Stranger Things.”

Set to be released Oct. 27, the new season has been awaited by many, including some CHS students.
“I’m really excited for season two of ‘Stranger Things’,” junior Charlie Butchko said. “ It’s definitely one of my favorite shows I have ever watched.”

After originally being scheduled to air on Halloween night, it was announced that the second season would hit Netflix Oct. 27 instead. The popular series follows the journey of three boys determined to find their lost friend, while at the same time dealing with the other strange occurrences in there town.

“The plot, vibe and story wraps it all together to become a really solid show,” Butchko said. “I am insanely excited for season two.”

Because the first season only had eight episodes, the plot filled with holes. Thus, people are eager for the second season to come out.

“It killed me knowing there were only eight episodes,” Storch said. “I wanted more. I finished the season in two days.”

Halloween themes are also blowing up the big screen this autumn with the release of the horror film “It”.

“My favorite scary movie would be the recent remake of the movie ‘It’ because it is so different,” Storch said.

“It,” a movie about an evil clown, hit theaters Sept. 8, joining the surge of horror shows and films that usually come out around Halloween.

“Usually horror movies focus on scary elements, but this movie adds a dash of humor which can calm people down a bit after a big scare in the movie,” Storch said. “I admire how unique it is compared to the other horror movies.”

In addition, season seven of “American Horror Story,” a horror TV series, is currently in the middle of their season.

“I really like ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘American Horror Story’ because they are actually creepy,” Butchko said.

Although all of these shows are available for viewing during the rest of the year, watching during the Halloween season can add an extra element of scare.

“I watch them all year around because I like them so much,” Butchko said. “They may be a bit more scary during Halloween time, but they are good all year around too.”