Miley’s Malibu Single Delivers



Miley’s new single ‘Malibu’ is a fresh change from her normal music.

By Camila Camp, Staff Writer

Singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus released a new single titled Malibu on May 11, 2017.


The peaceful melody of the song provides a relaxing feeling to the people of the CHS community.


“I like the song,” sophomore Helen Bezuneh said. “It gives off such serene vibes so I just end up playing it over and over again.”


The folksy tune to the song shows off Cyrus’s extreme switch in music style, since her recent years in the industry have been focused on pop music.


Malibu is the first genred semi-country single that Cyrus has composed since The Climb which was released back in 2009 for the Hannah Montana Movie.


According to a May 2017 Just Jared article, Cyrus explains that the track is about her need to heal herself individually and finding a new love with an old love.


The song also expresses individuality and freedom as well.


According to Bezuneh, even though she thinks Cyrus is changing up her style to appeal to more listeners, she still thinks that it is a nice change back to her roots.


The music video for Malibu on YouTube currently has 46 million views and the track recently hit number two on the iTunes charts. The music video consists of Cyrus lying on the beach and wandering by the waterfalls.


Cyrus’s new album, which is titled the same as her single, will be come out in July 2017.
“Even though I did like her last album, I like that she’s going back to her old music,” Bezuneh said.