Blast Infinity Continues to be Successful


Photo by Bill Wu.

CHS students perform in Blast 28: Infinity under the dazzling, colorful lights.

By Eliza Asbury, Features Editor

As the lights begin to dim in the CHS auditorium, singers scatter the stage and sparkling lights illuminate the dancers. The audience falls silent. Blast 28 Infinity has begun.


Similar to years past, the Blast crew led by director Matt Albright, chose a theme to echo throughout the whole show. This year’s theme was Infinity. All songs and performances relate in a way to this theme, resulting in a fulfilling experience throughout the entire show.


With a total of 35 songs–all performed by students–this show will leave you wishing it went on for infinity. This year especially, the cast and crew put in an extra effort to make the show enjoyable for all ages, as songs range from throwback jams to current hits.


“People should come to Blast because it is one of Churchill’s longest lasting traditions,” junior Nick Schaap said. “This is Blast’s 28th season. Not only that, but this year’s Blast is one of the best of the past few years. We truly went all out with the production this year and it really shows from an audience’s perspective.”


For 28 years, Blast has given students the opportunity to showcase their talent to the community. From set design to tech crew, from costume design to dance, from singing to playing in the band, Blast has always had something for everyone.


“The best part of this experience is the supportive, friendly, and motivating Blast family,” senior Carli Needle said. “I also love the unique opportunity to sing, dance, and perform in a fun, high-energy show that features the talent of so many students.”


Although Blast starts in late March, preparation begins a few months prior. This allows the cast and crew to not only perfect each number, but to create a unique show with a distinct theme.


“The first ever meeting for Blast was in June of last year,” Schaap said. “What makes Blast so unique is that every year the show is completely different, and has to be made again from scratch, with new songs, new dances, new people, new lights, and a new set. This of course takes a lot of planning, something the production team as well as the student leaders work very hard on.”


With each new number also comes hours of practice. A whole new routine can take a long time to create, rehearse, and synchronize.


“For 3 months, students worked extremely hard learning music and dances, and every number had almost 8-10 rehearsals by the time tech week rolled around,” Schaap said. “Overall, students spent 250+ hours rehearsing.”


One might wonder how you can bear to be around the same people for such long rehearsals, but the Blast cast proves it just creates close relationships.  


“This year, even more so than in previous years, there is such a warm, supportive, close-knit nature within the Blast cast,” Needle said.


The whole show is bound to keep you captivated. Act One will take you on a walk down memory lane with upbeat songs like “Twist and Shout,” sung by sophomores Jenny Dalrymple and Trinity Tilden, and “Bennie and the Jets,” sung by junior Sam Nasar.


Act Two swings back to more current songs that everyone can enjoy, such as “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” sung by junior Sam Nasar and senior Madeline Statter, and “Don’t Stop the Music,” sung by the Jazz Ambassadors.


Different from years past, Blast members decided to include middle school students in the performances, giving them an opportunity to be part of the Blast experience.


“What makes Blast 28 unique is it’s size,” Schaap said. “This year we included over 150 students. It is one of our largest casts ever. Blast 28 also features several students from Cabin John Middle School. This is all part of a mission to extend support and appreciation for the performing arts community and school cluster.”
It is not too late to go see the show that will leave you with infinite memories. Tickets are available at the door, prices ranging from $15 to $20. The next shows will take place Mar. 31, Apr. 1, and 2. For more information concerning performance times go to the Winston Churchill High School website.