Student Art Spotlight: Precious Melchizedek and Calissa Park



Juniors Calissa Park and Precious Melchizedek perform during CHS Got Talent Jan. 26.

By Sai Sreenivasan, Observations Editor

This year’s CHS Talent winners are the dynamic duo, juniors Calissa Park and Precious Melchizedek. They performed a mash-up of “Hotline Bling” by Drake, “Needed Me” by Rihanna and “Too Good” by Drake and Rihanna. Both sang and Park played the guitar.
Park first became interested in music during the first grade while playing American Idol with her classmates. She started playing the guitar when she was 13.
“Music has always been a hobby and if I’m not playing the guitar, piano or singing, I’m usually searching for new music,” Park said.
According to Park, being part of organizing CHS Got Talent encouraged her to participate in the show this year.
“I really love it when people take songs and remix them to sound different so that’s what I tried to do with our performance,” Park said.
Although music is an important component of her life, Park is involved in other CHS activities, such as lacrosse and leadership. She has played on the girls lacrosse team since freshman year. This past year, Park also joined leadership to foster school spirit.
“She has an amazing work ethic and positive energy that encourages others to always do their best to improve and work hard,” senior varsity lacrosse player Jenny Langerman said.
In terms of the future, Park is undecided but wants to take everything in stride and experience life to the fullest.
The other half of the dynamic winning duo is junior Precious Melchizedek. Melchizedek has a passion for music and has been singing since the fifth grade.
“I was so proud of all the acts and definitely surprised that we won, but we had a great time out there,” Melchizedek said.
The student body cheered on the duo throughout their performance and appreciated the level of sophistication of their piece.
“Park and Melchizedek had an amazing performance and deserved to win,” junior Faith Kean said. “Their voices complimented each other really well, and I loved their renditions of popular songs.”
Melchizedek also spends her time hanging out with friends and family as well as cooking. According to Melchizedek, her specialty dish is shrimp fried rice.
Melchizedek is also a dedicated academic. Her favorite classes are AP World History and Honors Chemistry.
“I love science and I also enjoy learning about the past and how it relates to the present day,” Melchizedek said.
For the future, Melchizedek hopes to pursue a career in medicine, specifically being an orthopedic surgeon.

Congratulations to the dynamic pair for their win, and we look forward to more in the future.