‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Premieres on Netflix



The “Gilmore Girls” revival premiered on Netflix Nov. 25. Many students have waited for years to watch it.

By Emiliana Cardinale and Nora Holland, Production Manager and Production Editor

“Where you lead, I will follow…”
“Gilmore Girls” is filled with friendships, morals, drama and lots of coffee. The show follows a single mother, Lorelai, as she struggles to find her dream job, and her daughter Rory through high school and into college. They live in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. They are mother and daughter, but also best friends.

“I love that the show is very realistic, and it’s not just a drama,” senior Jackie Heller said.  “It always makes me laugh.”

The first episode of the show aired on Oct. 5, 2000 on the Warner Brothers Network. It quickly became popular and lasted for seven seasons.

Between the sixth and seventh season, “Gilmore Girls” changed networks. The show was moved to a new network called CW, a blend between the CBS Corporation and Warner Bros. During this change, writers Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel Palladino left the show.

According to an April 2006 Entertainment Weekly article, the Sherman-Palladinos left the show because the CW did not fulfill their request for a two-year contract.

Many “Gilmore Girls” fans were unsatisfied with the show’s premature ending as they felt the tone of the show shifted after the Sherman-Palladinos departure. Many relationships between characters were destroyed and the new ones that were created received negative responses from viewers. The plot went in several unexpected directions and events occurred that confused fans and prevented closure in the last episode.

“I thought it was a good ending, but I wish they elaborated more on what happened to other characters,” sophomore Nikkia Zarabian said.

Because of the show’s growing popularity, Netflix revived the show with four 90-minute episodes, one for each season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) which premiered Nov 25. Many of the characters from the original series return, including Luke (Scott Patterson), Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) and Kirk (Sean Gunn).

The revival is set eight years after the events of the seventh season and focuses on the three generations of “Gilmore Girls” dealing with new changes and challenges, such as the death of Richard Gilmore, Lorelai’s father. Both Rory and Lorelai are at a crossroads as Rory deals with the changing field of journalism and Lorelai deals with changes at the Dragonfly Inn.

“My favorite chapter was fall,” Heller said. “A lot of the best scenes were in that chapter and it felt most like the original show. When I think of “Gilmore Girls” I really associate it with fall so it was really fitting that it was the best one.”