Slam Poetry Club Allows Students To Express Themselves


Photo By Jonathan Greenzaid

President junior Lauren Hassan delivers a slam poem.

By Jonathan Greenzaid, Senior Writer

Fresh, expressive and passionate, slam poetry, a new form of art, is filling the halls of CHS.

Junior Lauren Hassan formed the Slam Poetry Club last September as an outlet for students to express themselves in a new way.

“It gives you a chance to get really angry and passionate on a subject,” Hassan said. “You get to vocalize your emotions. Most writing stays on the page, but slam poetry takes the words off the page.”

Hassan was a member of the slam poetry club at the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy in Kansas. However, when she moved to Potomac she was shocked to learn that there was no such club at CHS.

“I was surprised that CHS didn’t have one,” Hassan said. “Every school should have one because it’s a really unique way to express yourself.”

The club meets every Thursday at lunch to perform slams, talk about upcoming events and work on writing activities.

“It gives students an outlet to express themselves and practice public speaking,” club adviser Christin Nixon-Brown said. “It’s a great way to gain an immediate response to your writing.”

The club’s ultimate goal is to send poets to local slam competitions next year and to give students a channel to express their emotions.

“It allows me to be more free and express my feelings in ways I usually can’t,” junior Sara Miller said.

The club meets in Mrs. Nixon-Brown’s room and is open to everyone at CHS.

“There are seven to eight constant members, and the room is usually filled to capacity with additional walk ins,” Nixon-Brown said.