Untraditional Superhero Movie Soars in Ratings

By Ross Tanenbaum, Online News Editor

With great power comes great responsibility. The new movie Deadpool puts a twist on these famous words.

The highly anticipated movie Deadpool was released Feb. 12 into theaters. The film follows Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds, The Proposal) on his quest to get revenge. After Wilson is experimented on, he is given the power of accelerated healing and adopts the alter ego, Deadpool. He uses his mercenary skills and new powers to save his girlfriend and get revenge on the man who ruined his life. This is the first film to focus on the “Merc with a Mouth,” and many fans are excited to see the hero brought to life.

“My favorite thing about Deadpool is that he is an overpowered anti-hero who does not take himself too seriously,” senior Juli Malacane said. “This allows for action packed fight scenes, along with clever jokes and tons of fourth wall breaking.”

Deadpool is a very controversial hero as his comics tend to have cursing and a lot of gore. The new film is rated R which is unusual for a superhero movie. Many people feel that the R-rating will isolate some viewers because kids will not be able to see it and people who are uncomfortable with extreme violence will be turned off by this film. Others feel that there is no way to make an accurate Deadpool movie without making it very inappropriate because this would be more authentic.

“Deadpool is a hero for more mature audiences and tends to use vulgar language and graphic violence,” Malacane said. “Deadpool can’t be Deadpool without the crude humor and graphic action scenes.”