YouTube launches Youtube Red


photo by Becky Wolfson

YouTube Red will offer features such ad-free videos, exclusive show content and the ability to save videos.

By Becky Wolfson, Production Editor

YouTube announced their plans on Oct. 21 for a new paid video subscription service, YouTube Red, on the premise that it will provide an upgraded viewing experience of YouTube.

In exchange $9.99 a month, viewers have the ability to watch ad-free videos, save and watch videos offline, and play videos in the background while using other applications.

“I feel like though YouTube Red was made to earn more money, it makes everything more convenient,” sophomore Eric Xu said.

YouTube Red is also compatible with Google Play Music, so a subscription to one means automatic access to the other. Starting next year, YouTube Red plans to release original shows and movies, giving viewers another incentive to subscribe.

“For students who spend a considerable amount of time on YouTube, ten dollars a month is a low price to pay for specialized service,” Xu said.

However, since the service is only a month old, it is uncertain whether YouTube Red will reap success in the coming months.

According to junior Dilene Upendra, even though she uses YouTube every day, she does not think she will pay for the service in the future.

“I do not think paying for YouTube Red is worth it,” Upendra said. “You can usually skip ads after a few seconds and not many people use Google Play Music.”

YouTube currently offers a free one month trial for anyone who wants to try out the service.

“My family will probably pay for YouTube Red in the future,” Xu said. “It’s a new thing so most people will [probably wait to pay] to see if the service is really worth it.”