CHS artists to display works

By Arielle Gordon, Arts Editor

Youth Art for Healing

The National Arts Society at CHS has teamed up with Youth Art for Healing, an organization that works to place art created by students in healthcare centers to create a comforting and positive environment for patients. The project will begin this month and is expected to last until March.

CHS artists in the National Arts Society volunteer to work outside of class to create six murals during the school year.

“Youth Art for Healing is about creating art pieces for hospitals,” senior Carly Rosenfeld said. “The National Arts Society is responsible for painting six murals for a hospital, of soothing images like flowers and underwater scenery. Studies show that making a hospital more homelike and comfortable can speed up the healing process.”

Sculpture Project

Advanced Sculpture students will participate in a competition created by MCPS, Metro and Strathmore to create permanent 3-D sculptures to be displayed at the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Station.

First, students will create sketches of sculptures they would like to design. The sketches will then be submitted to a panel for selection and the selected designs will be created for display. Selection is expected to take place in December, and construction will begin in January. The students will work together in class to create the selected designs, with the final sculptures put on display in late April.

“The students will be creating a permanent work of art to put on public display, which is awesome,” Art Resource teacher Brendan Roddy said.