CHS winter play ‘Almost, Maine’ has shows cancelled


photo by Kim Rooney

The play was originally set to premiere Feb. 21.

By Kim Rooney, Production Editor

The recent slew of winter weather has led to delays and school cancellations, but it has also had an adverse effect on extracurricular activities.

CHS’ winter play Almost, Maine almost went off without a hitch, but inclement weather caused cancellations for the Feb. 21 and March 1 performances.

“I don’t think we’re planning on rescheduling the missed shows,” stage manager and senior Jackie Spang said.

The week preceding the first weekend of performances already had Presidents’ Day Monday off, but a snow day on Tuesday and continued cancellations of afterschool activities prevented the show from going on its scheduled opening night, Saturday, Feb. 21.

“With two days cancelled, we were put in an awkward spot,” long-term theatre substitute teacher Rachel Gates said. “The forecast looked like that weather would be bad. It was a gamble, and I had to ask permission from Dr. Benz, but everyone decided it was best.”

However, wintry weather continued the next week. While the show was performed on Friday, Feb. 27 and Saturday, Feb. 28, Montgomery County Public Schools cancelled all school events due to freezing rain.

“Everyone showed up, and we were ready to go when we got the news,” Gates said. “Everyone was pretty disappointed.”

However, with two fewer performances, money from ticket sales was lost, and unexpected costs from lengthy rehearsals have left the department with some budget complications.

“We haven’t completely dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s, but it’s looking alright,” Gates said.

Still, the cancellations have not dampened the theatre department’s spirits. Instead, its members have opted to focus on upcoming performances.

“It’s a shame that the show was cancelled, but we’re having other events like ones acts that will help,” Spang said. “Plus a lot of people in the theatre department are dually involved in Blast, which is coming up really soon.”

Blast will be March 20, 21, 23, 27, and 28 in the Gertrude G. Bish auditorium. One Act auditions will be held Thursday, March 12, and the show itself will premiere April 27 during the CHS arts festival, which will also include a two-act play, Anatomy of Gray, and several other student performances.

“We have the arts festival in April, and I’m very excited,” Gates said.

Although the play’s cancellations were not ideal, there is still much ahead, and the theatre department is optimistic.

“Everything came together really nicely, and it was a great start,” Gates said.