CHS senior starts personalized shoe business

By Emily Raab, Production Editor

With final college decisions right around the corner, seniors have begun preparing for the next stage in their life. Beneath the pile of paperwork, everyone can finally get excited for the school they will be spending the next four years at, which for many students, means adding spiritwear to their closet.

Senior Sydney Shugarman creates and sells personalized sneakers for students to display their new school spirit.

“I came up with the idea while I was in the process of applying to colleges,” said Shugarman, who created her company, Kickzbyshugs, last November. “ I was thinking of ways to show spirit.”

According to Shugarman, designs are not only college-themed. Shoe designs can also be based around customer interests and ideas.

“My original company name was ‘College Kickz,’” Shugarman said. “That shortly changed after I was asked multiple times if I could make a pair of shoes not college-related.”

Shugarman creates all the designs, and every pair of shoes is hand drawn with oil paint markers. She gets help managing the business from senior Alexa Liss.

“Sydney has always been a great artist and thought it would be cool to turn her art into something people actually wear,” Liss said.

In addition to helping Shugarman with the business, Liss has purchased a pair of shoes from the company.

“I looked online for cool designs, but in the end Sydney surprised me,” Liss said. “A lot of the designs on the shoes are things that represent me. On one of my shoes there’s a hamsa, a donut and a tie-dye Buddha. ”

The shoes range in price from $85 to $95, or just $40 if you provide your own shoe. Shugarman has created 13 pairs of shoes so far. Shoes can be ordered through her website,

“The shoes are amazing, and really tell a lot about whoever is wearing them,” Liss said.