Singer Jason Derulo wows crowd at Fillmore


Singer Jason Derulo performs some of his biggest hits for the crowd.

By Thomas Atkinson and Alissa Li

International pop star Jason Derulo performed Oct. 28 at the Fillmore alongside Becky G and Wallpaper.

Derulo started his music career back in 2009 by writing songs for other musicians, and then released his debut single “Whatcha Say”, shooting him into the limelight.

The concert was held at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. It is a venue that allows fans to get close to the stage, letting them view their idols up close and within almost touching distance.

Wallpaper opened the concert with their songs “Hesher” and “Stupidfacedd,” making the crowd wild and ready to get crazy. Despite not being well known, the band still entertained its audience, as they danced and cheered to its catchy beats.

Next Becky G. took the stage, starting with a couple of her new songs and having her back up dancers wow the crowd with their incredible moves. She performed her biggest hit “Shower” towards the end, leaving the audience excited and hyped for the last and final performer, Derulo.

Derulo finally entered the stage performing one of his older songs, “In My Head,” leaving the crowd in awe and anxious for the concert to continue.

“The concert felt more as if you’re at a party than a big concert because of the small venue,” sophomore Marianthi George said.

During almost all of his songs, Derulo made sure to take off his shirt and show off his abdominal muscles, making all the women squeal with excitement.

Wanting to include the audience in the show, Derulo’s four male dancers picked five girls from the audience. Each girl sat on a dancer’s back while the guys did push-ups, and a very lucky girl got to sit on Derulo’s back.

Despite being his tour, Derulo made sure to introduce all his dancers during breaks allowing them time to shine and share their Twitter names.

When Derulo was not singing, he was dancing alongside his backup dancers. The dancing ranged from doing “workouts” to solo, free-style dancing. The breaks between songs gave the concert a little more variety and piqued the audience’s attention, yearning to see what he plans to do next.

After singing all of his popular songs save three, Derulo exited the stage leaving the crowd confused and wanting more. The crowd chanted his name over and over until he came back and performed “Talk Dirty”, “Wiggle” and “Trumpets”.

The concert ended gracefully with Derulo and his dancers in a step formation, adorned in band uniforms and holding trumpets as the crowd cheered loudly.

If that wasn’t enough Derulo for the night, there were Talk Dirty Tour merchandise up for purchase at the venue, selling objects such as t-shirts and posters.