What’s Trending This Month

By Madison Hurr, Staff Writer

5. G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Director Jon Chu’s long-awaited film G.I. Joe: Retaliation comes out March 28. The film stars Dwayne Johnson (Snitch) and Channing Tatum (21 Jump Street). This Hasbro comic-based film features the G.I. Joes as they face off against their mortal enemy, Cobra (Luke Bracey, American Dream).


4. Bruno Mars: “When I Was Your Man”

Bruno Mars’ new song “When I Was Your Man” from the album Unorthodox Jukebox is an extremely emotional piano ballad. Currently number one on the iTunes top 100 chart, “When I Was Your Man” is a song worth adding to your playlist.


3. Gallon Smashing

“Gallon smashing” is a grocery store prank in which one smashes plastic milk cartons on the floor, then plummets to the ground pretending to be hurt. The viral “gallon smash” video, though recently removed from YouTube, received over two million views. The original video starred three teenage pranksters, brothers Omar, Faysal and Zayd Khatib, who repeatedly pranked innocent onlookers.


2. Crazy socks

Crazy socks are hugging calves all over the country. Whether they’re striped with clashing colors, sporting mini superhero capes or covered in aliens, these socks are a fashion statement. From high school hipsters to professional athletes, everyone is rocking the colorful, funky half-calves. Clothing companies Hugo Boss, Jordan and Stance all came out with new creative designs.


1. March Madness

The Gonzaga Bulldogs are number one overall with a record of 30-2, and first in the West Coast Conference with a conference record of 16-0 as of March 7. The Maryland Terrapins are sixth in the Atlantic Coast Conference with an overall record of 20-11. The NCAA Sweet Sixteen will take place on March 23 and the National Championship on April 8.