ArtJamz’s new location makes for unique outing


ArtJamz lets creative customers enjoy socializing and drinks while painting. The new expanded D.C. location will have guided art classes.

By Julia Heimlich, Circulation Manager

In need of a fairly local getaway during the upcoming break? Grab a few friends and head out to ArtJamz, a painting studio and lounge for artists ranging from novices to Van Goghs.

ArtJamz moved to a newer and bigger space on Connecticut Avenue March 7. The studio is run much like a restaurant, in which customers can either walk in during open hours or book a time in advance. There is also an open bar, but this does not get in the way of underage painters. The walk-in price is $12 an hour, and customers can either buy a canvas there or bring one along.

The studio’s lively atmosphere—upbeat tunes, bright colors and bubbly conversation—triggers a creative, stimulating mindset for customers. Staff members also provide the perfect mixture of guidance and freedom. These staff members, or “Creative Enablers,” are primarily there for encouraging and complimenting, not taking over the brush and canvas.

“It’s the only place in the city with this kind of format,” bar manager Lauren Stummer said.

In addition to just acrylic paints and brushes, ArtJamz provides tools such as sponges, stencils and graffiti markers to add to the painting experience.

Guided art classes, the one thing the studio seemed to lack in the old location, will now be offered in the new one. These classes will be taught at designated times by artists who already work at ArtJamz.

“We are trying to accommodate everyone,” Stummer said. “Some people do want to be taught, and some just want to be in a social environment.”

ArtJamz gives children, teens and adults alike the chance to bring out their inner artist and come home with something to be proud of.