‘How I Met Your Mother’ is legen, wait for it, dary

By Julia Gray, Staff Writer

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) sets the sitcom bar high with its hilarious cast and mysterious plot as protagonist Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor, Not Another Teen Movie) tells his children the epic story of how he met his wife through a series of drawn-out flashbacks. The bar continues to rise with the eighth season which premiered Sept. 24.

Ted’s story starts in season one just after college graduation when he is spending most of his time with his four best friends. In the telling of his story, Ted refers to his friends as Uncle Marshall (Jason Segal, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Aunt Lily (Alyson Hannigan, American Pie), Uncle Barney (Neil Patrick Harris, Harold & Kumar) and his old on-and-off love interest Aunt Robin (Cobie Smulders, The Avengers).

Although fans do not know who Ted’s wife is, the show proves to be more than just a mystery with the gang’s crazy adventures as they try to figure out post-college life in New York City.

“I love the friendly atmosphere and chemistry between the characters,” senior Alex Goldman said. “Some of the episodes are literally laugh-out-loud funny.”

Ted’s search for the perfect girl continues throughout the story, and the audience finds themselves rooting for him through every awkward moment, where he struggles to find love.

The unique narration of the show, voiced by Bob Saget, has Ted editing inappropriate parts of the story for his children’s sake. For instance, Ted speaks of  using marijuana, he replaces the word with having a bag of “mari…nated steak subs.” This and other ongoing jokes connects the HIMYM fan base and builds the “cult following” of the show.

“I love the whole dynamic of the show,” senior Sofia Roman said. “It’s unlike any show I’ve ever seen. Almost every line makes me laugh, and the way it’s put together is so clever.”

After seven motherless seasons, HIMYM fans suspect a nearing happy ending to Ted’s tale, possibly attributed to the rumors of Segal leaving the show after the upcoming eighth season.

“I think once Marshall leaves they should definitely end the show,” Goldman said. “They’ve dragged it out long enough without introducing the mother.”

HIMYM’s devoted fans are anxiously awaiting the revealing of the mother, predicted to come in the upcoming eighth season.