Coldplay returns with mixed-genre fifth album


Mylo Xyloto will please Coldplay's old fans and appeal to new ones.

By By: Ariana Etessami, Staff Writer

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The internationally-acclaimed rock band Coldplay is back from the recording studio with a hot new take on the famously mellow yet addictive music style they have come to call their own.

The band artfully created fourteen tracks for their Oct. 24 album, giving it a peculiar name—Mylo Xyloto. According to an Oct. 13 New York Times article, Mylo is lead singer Chris Martin’s favorite name. As for the second part, pronounced “zy-le-toe,” the prefix xylo- means musical and the ending -to literally refers to “toes.” Fortunately, critics were willing to overlook the strange album title and evaluate the music instead.

The album, their fifth so far, is a unique creation of its own kind compared to previous Coldplay albums, mainly because the album’s music style doesn’t stay in just one genre—it varies between soft rock, a pop-techno variety and even some hip-hop in their unexpected collaboration with Rihanna, dubbed “Princess of China.” This song in particular will surprise some Coldplay fans, since it’s nothing like what one would expect from the band. Don’t be misled though, it’s a great song, and it’s refreshing to see the band experimenting with new sounds.

Another song worth praising is “Hurts Like Heaven,” which sounds a bit like alternative band Passion Pit. The fresh high-pitches and perky tempos give the song a youthful feel and may even give listeners the urge to get up and dance.

Of course, Martin and his band mates wouldn’t forget to feed their fans’ hungry musical souls with that classic Coldplay sound that they all love. “Paradise” is a beautifully composed ballad that recalls why people began worshipping the band 11 years ago, when they had just released their first studio album, Parachutes.

When the album is played in order, the songs appear to alternate from fast-paced to moderate speed to something resembling a lullaby. “Hurts Like Heaven” sounds like the band drank a few Red Bulls before recording it. Compare this to “Us Against the World,” which will instantly put out tired listeners.

The band also included their formerly-released single, “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall,” in the album. This track is a happy pick-me-up with a rapid tempo and energetic guitar riff. Another one to make sure to listen to is “Major Minus,” a great song with an interesting, grainy sound.

Those who still remain skeptical should listen to Mylo Xyloto anyways For those who aren’t die-hard Coldplay fans, this album might just satisfy, since there is no concrete genre. Overall, the album successfully delivers what fans want from Coldplay.