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Gaga’s sister steals spotlight in fashion industry


Have you heard of Natali Germanotta?


Lady Gaga’s younger sister— a.k.a. Gaga 2.0— is about to take the fashion world by storm as the peculiar Mother Monster’s trance over her “little monsters” begins to slowly wear off.

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Before her interview in a September Teen Vogue magazine article, Germanotta had kept a relatively low profile, but fashion critics are beginning to take notice of Gaga’s toned-down, but certainly not average, little sis.


Although Germanotta may be gaining recognition in the fashion industry, she’s pretty much in the “unknown” category for students at CHS. Most students, when asked whether they had heard of Germanotta, responded in one of two ways: “Who?” or “Nope, sorry.”


Basically, unless you read Teen Vogue or are related to Lady Gaga, you probably won’t know who Natali Germanotta is. Nevertheless, you should get to know her.


Other than Germanotta’s 15 minutes of fame as a prison inmate in Gaga’s video for the 2010 single “Telephone,” she has managed to stay out of her sister’s spotlight. Even then, it was hard to catch Germanotta as she quickly flashed in and out of the camera shot.


Currently, the rising mogul is studying fashion design at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City.


In a Sept. 20 People magazine article, Lady Gaga praised Germanotta’s progress in creating her own fashion line, describing her sister as extremely talented.


Some may call Lady Gaga a freak, but there’s obviously some undeniable talent if she is able to round up more Facebook fans than the President, according to Mashable, an online media news source. So her opinion will probably have some impact on how people will judge Germanotta. And since Gaga is so talented, it’s likely that her sister’s fashion sense will be at least somewhat appealing to Gaga fans.


According to an Aug. 24 Grazia magazine article, the clothing line is said to be relatively casual, compared to her sister’s eccentric style. The clothing will be inspired by the looks of classic icons like actress Grace Kelly, but with an added Gaga-esque twist.


If Germanotta’s style is anything close to Gaga’s, then her clothing definitely will not be conventional. Her idea of “wearable” might mean that it doesn’t cause any physical discomfort to wear it. But who knows? Style is always changing, and what may seem crazy now might be a mainstream accessory later.


Germanotta’s dream to design clothing wasn’t spontaneous. She has envisioned this as her career since her tween days back at Convent of the Sacred Heart, the all-girls private school she and her sister attended in Manhattan.


According to Teen Vogue, Germanotta was named the best-dressed in her grade and even designed her own graduation dress her senior year. After graduating, Germanotta decided to pursue her passion and, instead of going to a liberal-arts college, enrolled in fashion school.


Although the sisters have gone their separate ways with their careers, Germanotta and Gaga do have in common the boldness to fearlessly stand out from the crowd.


From her dramatic eye makeup to the way she cuddles her pet lizard on the set of the Teen Vogue photo shoot, it’s no shocker that Germanotta is related to Gaga. However, one Gaga is plenty, so thank goodness she does not feel the need to live up to her sister’s standards. And while Germanotta will probably never be able to eclipse her sister’s colossal fame, there’s no harm in trying.

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Gaga’s sister steals spotlight in fashion industry