The Cab’s second album explores jazz, pop sound

By Lauren Price, Staff Writer

Guys do not always like good girls; sometimes they want a girl who stays out too late and doesn’t answer the phone. At least, that’s what the lead vocalist of The Cab sings about in their new single, “Bad,” off of their newest album Symphony Soldier.

The Cab’s sophomore album comes three years and quite a few member changes after their debut album Whisper War, an impressive yet overlooked album with alt-rock songs comparable to bands ranging from Fall Out Boy to Maroon 5. Symphony Soldier explores a jazzier, more pop sound that is just as notable.

The Cab made the decision to split with their previous label Fueled by Ramen/Decaydance Records just before they independently released Symphony Soldier Aug. 23. Currently, the album is only available through iTunes, and 11 different packages including the physical CD, ranging from $10 to $9,999, are available for pre-order on the band’s website The more expensive packages include shirts, meet and greet passes, iPods and guitars.

Symphony Soldier

The next few songs, “Temporary Bliss,” “Bad” and “Endlessly” all have similar lyrics, mostly revolving around love and relationships. “Bliss” is a more serious song, having to do with finding out what’s real and what’s fake. “Bad,” a single first released in July, is a more mainstream pop hit. “Endlessly” is a sweet song about accepting people for who they are.

The following track, “Animal,” brings back memories of Whisper War, as this track and parts of “La La” could be easily mistaken for a forgotten Maroon 5 song. Along with “Intoxicated,” these pop-oriented tracks are fast-paced songs with smooth lyrics that are easy to dance to.

The Cab shows a softer side in “Her Love is My Religion,” and “Lovesick Fool,” but brings back harder, more rock-inspired sounds with “Another Me” and “Grow Up and Be Kids.” The final song, “Living Louder,” ends the album on an uplifting note, as DeLeon reminds his listeners to do what they can, while they can.

Symphony Solider

This album features co-writers such as Bruno Mars, Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy, Black Cards), and John Feldmann (Goldfinger). These writers incorporate their own sounds into The Cab’s songs, resulting in a diverse, but enjoyable album.

Symphony Soldier

is as good as their last album, and hopefully it will not slip under the radar as well. has personality and an interesting sound that blends the mainstream pop and the alt-rock tone found on their previous album.starts with “Angel with a Shotgun,” a catchy track about fighting for what you want, packed with inspirational lines such as “I want to live, not just survive.” DeLeon’s remarkable musical range along with a strong beat result in a song that hooks the listener into the album, convincing them to listen to the rest.