Joe Nichols’ ‘Greatest Hits’ hints at his greater depth

Country singer Joe Nichols reached a milestone in his career Jan. 25 when he released his new album titled Greatest Hits: Joe Nichols. This album is based on three of Nichols’ hit singles, and rounded off with a mixture of honky-tonk dance numbers and slow, soulful ballads.
Nichols began his career at age 19 with a now long-gone indie label and has spent the past decade recording country music with the label Show-Dog Universal Music. He has since released seven successful albums, and this greatest hits album is in celebration of the past decade.
Although the album is only 10 tracks long, the array of music on it has such a well-rounded vibe that the absence of some of his other hits is not noticed. The three number-ones on the CD are Nichols’ first hit “Brokenheartsville,” as well as “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” and his 2010 chart-topper “Gimmie That Girl.” Each of these songs show Nichols’ progression through his 14 years of making music thus far and entice listeners to explore the rest of the songs that Nichols has released as well as keep an eye out for future releases.
One of Nichols more recent hits is “Gimmie That Girl,” a song about the importance of being oneself when in a relationship, and the reality that comes with not having to put on a pretty or brave face every day. He serenades the girl in the song, saying, “Gimmie the girl the rest of the world ain’t lucky enough to know.” Nichols’ story-telling reminds listeners that truth comes from being down-to-earth, not from reality TV shows or tabloids. The catchy and country-with-a-twist-of-rock-beat entices listeners while Nichol’s sensational voice leaves them wanting more.
Every country singer who hopes to make it big must charm his or her crowd with at least one typical country, honky-tonk song. Joe Nichols meets this expectation with his hit “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off.” This song, which is simply fun to listen to and sing along with, tells the story of a woman who does exactly what the title suggests when she goes out with friends. Although the lyrics are not award-winning by any means, the beat makes the song an enjoyable dance number and reminds listeners of the results of too much fun.
Joe Nichols has been a fairly underappreciated singer ever since he entered the country music scene, but the release of a greatest hits album highlights his successful career. His all-American voice makes any lyric sound exceptional, and he really knocks it out of the park when his songs are about more than troublesome tequila.
Unfortunately Nichols has sold himself short by singing songs mostly written by other songwriters, and hopefully he will begin recording more of his own songs so the rest of the world will not only see his talent, but his heart.